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Jacob Tucker makes and wins NCAA dunk contest (video)


I remember a youtube video of this guy dunking being posted on here recently. Well, the 5’10 high-flyer from a DIII school ended up being invited to participate in the NCAA dunk competition. He made the best of the opportunity, watch the video below if you missed it:

Jacob Tucker Dunks NCAA Dunk Contest 3-31-2011


Wow. It is crazy the dunks he did after he missed were almost as good as the missed attempts. I wonder what his actual vert jump has been measured at.


Watched this live (was on tape delay, but it was as live as anyone could see it, unless you were there). Tucker had a 50 inch vertical as a sophomore and a 45 inch standing vertical – not sure what it is now.


Some better angles:

Illinois College’s 5’10" Guard, Jacob Tucker, Wins the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest


That is incredible. I love seeing smaller guys dunk, it’s very rarely all that interesting to watch the big 6’10" type guys do stuff because it’s mostly arms - but these little guys can just absolutely fly through the air and nearly anything they do is impressive.

But this kid wasn’t just doing “anything” - between the legs 360? That’s not real life LOL


I don’t know who these guys are (other than a summer basketball league in Great Britain) but they blow away the NCAA’s dunk contest.

Putting On A Show Midnight Madness Dunk Contest!


Amazing video, and a good contrast of jumping styles.

The light skinned kid was a one-foot jumper, while the darker kid with the twists was a two-footed jumper.