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Anybody watching Indiana vs Kentucky. Looks like Crean has IU back playing tough.


Watching, yes. Listening, no.


The Big10 is a monster this year, no doubt about it. Even Iowa seems to be improving week by week. Not much margin for error for anybody against any team in the league, should be some good basketball. :slight_smile:


There will be no easy wins, but teams we should beat are Michigan and Iowa. Frankly I also think given our success against Northwestern we should be able to beat them at home.


Seeing how MSU is struggling I think it may be The Illini that everybody is going to chase this year.


I got OSU leading the way. Illinois and MSU are the next level, with Purdue, Sconsin, and Minny rounding out the clear top 6. 7 looks like NW, but I think 7-10 are pretty much up in the air still on the ordering.


My hope is that we can find some way to nab that 7th spot. I agree with you that the top 6 seems out of the question, but 7 might be a possibility if we play well. And with the expanded tournament 7th might just be enough to get us in. I actually like Minnesota a lot more than other people do. I think they might finish 4th in the conference.


Ohio State is looking as the top team, especially with Sullinger rounding into form.

Michigan State is still Michigan State, regardless of some recent struggles…keep in mind, they did keep the game close with the Dukies last week.

I believe in the Illini this year. They will get better and better as the year progresses. #3, but could go a notch higher.

Purdue…solid #4 even without Hummel.

Wisconsin - Bo Knows Basketball

Minnesota - wild card, as they’ve seemed to be since Tubby arrived. In the end, they still look like #6…no higher, no lower.

7 through 10 is anyone’s guess…but I’d say it will look like this when all is said and done…

Northwestern - they luck out by only playing Ohio State and Purdue once this year, but since their OOC sked sucks, they might get the shaft by the NCAA committee this year.

Penn State - they get the shaft by only playing Iowa and Indy once this year. Also, they look too weak down low in a conference where you can’t afford to be weak in that area on the court.

Indiana - they’ve looked a little better this year, but until they beat a good team, I can’t move them up any higher.

Michigan - my mother always told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all.

Iowa - have looked OK, but will still finish at the bottom.


Good summary Illi…I think 7-11 is wide open!