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iuhoosiers.cstv.com: Indiana Travels to Penn State For Thursday Night Game

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I’ll be watching the SHU game. I’ll be checking in during commercials though.


Not yet but hopefully soon. :-\

collegian.psu.edu: Coach: Forwards need to improve

collegian.psu.edu: Small lineup helps Lions

collegian.psu.edu: Lions’ halfcourt offense remains issue

altoonamirror.com: Lions looking for cure for 0-5 ills


gopsusports.com: Nittany Lions Look For Fifth-Straight Win Over Indiana Thursday At The BJC

PSU game notes

A Battle to the basket by Jeff Rice

collegian.psu.edu: Lions return to home court

collegian.psu.edu: Late-game woes haunt Lions


Saw 3 interesting items, a couple of which we discuss here regularly. Forwards not getting it done, Brooks playing the 5, and guys looking to run plays for other guys.

On the 3rd point, IMO, this is a mistake. It’s too complicated. Bob Knight was talking about it a few weeks back. He likes staying spaced for 2-3 seconds, then moving on. IMO, when you start to introduce plays, not after timeouts, you need two if not 3 guys paying attention, being in the right spot, timing it correctly. Just doesn’t work. Now if you run something like a pick n roll, give n go, back door, that’s different, because they’re 2 man plays, one with the ball, the other moving, so easy to do, and it’s all based on the runner and the handler being aware. And those can turn into 3 man plays, just by making an extra pass. What’s important are spacing and movement, the rest will come. I’d stop the set plays immediately. The players will figure it out based on spacing, movement and position vs. a defender. Simplify things and they will work better.

I knew they were running in game (non-stoppage) plays. Saw one fail late in the IL game, once with 3 guys on the weak side in a line, 2’ apart. Terrible spacing, obviously setting up for a play, which never came off. Talor threw the ball away trying to make 20’ pass to one of them near the top of the key. Good spacing gives much better flow, and will cut down on the struggles to get a shot.