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It's been a good week to be a Nittany Lion 😃

Penn State basketball ranked, heading into a sellout at the Palestra with six Philadelphia-area contributors on the roster, with Patrick Chambers saying he’s turning down guys and expecting a boatload of recruits to be in attendance.

And Josh Reaves gets called up to the NBA, so now two of Chambers’ guys are on active NBA rosters:

Looking forward to Saturday, and more miles on the truck.


Reaves and Frazier? ED brought in the latter, don’t forget (although it can be debated at length who made Tim a pro prospect).

Yeah, I disagree. That’s a very short debate.

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The person who made Tim a pro prospect was Tim Frazier.


Yes, PC has 1 guy in the NBA and one guy drafted. PSU has two guys in the NBA, though.

Of course a player is ultimately responsible for his own success, but Tim Frazier does not graduate the program with the defensive technique he left with if Ed D remained his head coach. If you don’t believe me, ask Tim Frazier yourself if you ever happen to run into him.

If I ever run into Tim Frazier, I’ll be sure to ask him about his defensive technique when he left Penn State (and maybe how he had to alter it after the Achilles tear) and not at all about what it’s like to be in the NBA.

Tim Frazier is not in the NBA for ‘his defensive technique’


Yeah he’d definitely still be there if he couldn’t guard anyone… :roll_eyes:

Ed DeChellis could make a fortune opening up a basketball camp/academy. Penn State basketball fans would spend top dollar to send all of their kids to the greatest coach in program history. What a legend this guy is.

Don’t poke the bear.


Blowing something WAYYYY out of proportion, context, and giving an extreme to attempt to prove your point. Relax, no one is saying what you are trying to force. There are not just two views: 1) ED is an absolute legend and sends everyone to the NBA, or 2) ED sucks and could never, in anyone’s wildest dreams, have an impact in someone making the NBA. Like everything, it is somewhere in between.

FTR: ED has been to the NCAA tourney twice and won the NIT once ;-). That’s more than a lot of coaches

Holllllly Smokes.

One could make a Twilight Zone episode about Penn State fans and Ed DeChellis. It’s just unbelievable.

That the man who single handily set our program back 5 solid years is so highly regarded among our fanbase is just… astonishing.


Good to see that we’re all able to enjoy this momentary good fortune! Signs of a healthy emotional temperament!


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Following how your desire to set a good light on things was quickly pirated away with bitter sarcasm, had me shaking my head even before your post.

We’ll never know whether DeChellis or Chambers contributed more to Frazier getting to the NBA. We do know that DeChellis and not Chambers was the one who got him to PSU tho. For that alone I’m grateful.


When did I say that? Stop taking leaps with your interpretations. Highly regarded as a person? Absolutely - he sent me an autographed team basketball when I was in the hospital for 40 days. He did not know me, but saw Brandon Hassle signing and passing around a tiny ball at practice, so he took a special b&w full-sized ball, signed it, had the complete team sign it, and sent it to me. THAT is a quality person.

He isn’t a high-major coach, but oh well, it’s not his “fault” that Tim hired him.


And Pat has been to the tourney once, maybe a 2nd time this year, and won the NIT once

If you are going to start doing things like that, you have to add ETSU’s trip to the NCAAs too. Give him three.

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Ed has only been to 2, one at ETSU and one at PSU. I added Pat’s at BU because that’s how I thought he came up with Ed’s 2

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