It was uglier in person


Wrote this post last night and just before I went to post it I lost the whole post ??? Kind of indicative of how the day went.

There was (is) a total lack of any PSU fanbase at this . If our team was seeded 11th our fan turnout would be 11b. I saw more IUPU logo than Penn State.

A comment here on the PSU support for BB.
Two weeks ago today I called the Ticket Office to see if I could buy tickets for this tournament.
After asking about the tickets the conversation was:
office: We are all sold out.
ME: Seriously, Penn State sold their entire ticket allotment?
office: We don’t offer them for sale to the public, just season ticket holders and those who have purchased tourney tickets from us in the past.
ME: Why is that?
office: We just don’t have much of a demand.
ME: So you sent them back?
office: Yeah
ME: Do they get offered to any of the Indiana allumni associations?
office: I really don’t know.

So I went to E-bay to purchase the tickets. I just was an example for me of how our administration treats BB as an afterthought and how little effort there is to promote the sport.
Unfortunately for PSU fans the night highlight was the halftime game of musical basketball. All 11 teams had a representative and there would be one chair and one ball less than contestants. Music stops, get ball, shoot till you make basket, then return and sit in an available chair. Eliminate lone person each round. Talor’s brother, Dante was the EASY winner.
Early when we were in man, Bab’s first half defense against Hoffarger was real good. Sampson and Iverson got there way down low and forced out of man defense and then we cheated in and they shot the 3 well.
Babb’s aversion/lack of confidence to take the ball to the basket is puzzleing. He is better than he thinks he is in this category. If he can get more confident in that facet of his game it could be an exponential plus for next year.
I thought the physicality of the game got to Jeff Brooks and offensively took him out of the game.
Obviously Talor was not himself. Still, a 75% Talor is better than, anything else we have or no Talor at all.
I could go on, but suffice it to say that was disheartining game and one that has wife and I questioning our sanity for investing so much time and resources in this trip. Kinda sucks, ya know what I mean. :’( :’(
Anyone want to buy some tickets for the weekend? ;D


I just watch some of the game again.
Talor was very limited. PSU was just bad otherwise.
Minne played MUCH better than they played us earlier in the season. They played hard BUT were much more “under control.” They made a lot of shots also.
Tubby is finally coaching them up.



We’re not going to let you go to any more PSU games. First Charleston, now this. What gives my man.
Do I have to drive to Snellville and lock you up in your house every time you get the urge to go see PSU play. ;D

Seriously, sorry you had to endure another stinker. Maybe next time I’ll go with you to the game. We seem to have a little better luck when we’re both in the building - Ga Tech 2008 :slight_smile:

tundra - exactly my thoughts. PSU looked bad, but the main reason was not PSU.