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It Could Be Worse!

This is as positive as I’m going to get:

6-6 with losses to Stetson, Winthrop, UNC-Wilmington, and Presbyterian. Their best win is against Iowa.

But hey, maybe they are cleaning shop of a program that was headed down the wrong path (new coach this season). Things have to get worse before they get better for most programs.

…until you consider Maine lost to Quinnipiac, Brown and Delaware State

If you’re looking for a really bad BCS school, take a look at Auburn. They are completely awful.

Thanks frats, I saw them play Rutgers – didn’t even realize how awful they are:

Depaul is pretty bad under Purnell’s first season:
Oregon State:

The difference between some of these programs (Depaul, Wake) and the others is that they have new coaches and are rebuilding. The others will have new coaches very soon.

Depaul already has a boat load of recruits for next season.

Down at the bottom there is a stat that shows Auburn’s top 5 contributors are freshman and sophs. Still, pretty wild how bad they are.

Pretty wild how bad we were in 2003-2004, too.

well, now I see that the game is being rebroadcasted at 9PM tonight

I think I shall pluck nose hairs instead.