Is this OT?: Womens Bball


I know they’ve got their whole page but I dont think it gets tons of traffic. Just wanted to say I’m watching the Pitt-PSU game on the BTN and this team looks really legit. Shoot the three well, rebound well, play defense. A fun group to watch


Thanks for the reminder. I watched the 2nd half. Great win. I’m not sure we could beat them again but I’ll take it!
Nikki Green had some big foul shots toward the end. PSU was much more “solid with the ball” than when I saw them earlier in the season. Bentley is good. We handled ~itt’s half court trap well.
Go Lions , Double header win today!


Pitt had some big tough kids and a couple of good scorers. However, when Green was on the floor they had no answers for that. This team will get better so I would like our chances to win a repeat. When they get some more athletic forwards (they have signed two) they should be fun to watch. Along with Maggie Lucas, they will have that inside outside thing that will be tough to handle.