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Is there any school that dominates football and basketball recruiting in state


better than Ohio State? I guess that every kid who grows up shooting baskets in their driveway or at the local schoolyard wants to play for the Bucks. Same with kids playing Pee Wee football in Ohio - my guess is that no too many of them dream of playing for Toledo. The only one that comes to mind is Texas - but they don’t do a great job at recruiting BB players.


Who is OSU’s competition? Toledo? Arkon? Cincinnati? Cleveland State? Ohio? Youngstown St? Xavier? Miami? Kent St?

Pretty easy to see how they dominate Ohio.


We don’t do a bad job at recruiting BB players in Texas


Yea I got the same argument (just focus in state man) from an otherwise pretty knowledgeable Badger fan. He honestly thought PSUs next coach should have been groomed at PSU Altoona. Because that is what works in Wisconsin. Pennsylvania is like no other big 10 state when it comes to bball recruiting. Local kids are split between wrestling/football and baseball. City kids have options.

Thus why PSU will need luck and good Jrs./seniors every few years to survive. (why I wanted Ed canned last year and after Maine)

See what happens this week and after the season give Ed an extension with a big assistant salary bump so he can hire a national recruiter (A former Siena coach is available -oh the irony of today).

Congratulations to the team for meeting the standard and making the NCAAs. NIT is not for seniors.