Is Ed on the hot seat?


This writer thinks so, but in his opinion, the water isn’t quite boiling.


Maybe next year… maybe.


I think the writer gets it about right. He isn’t boiling per say, but he is definitely in the conversation.


I agree with Speed. Next year will be the year.

Keep in mind that the first couple years he took over, the cupboard was really bare of the necessities to compete at this level. Claxton and Cornley were two tremendous band-aids to at least keep the bleeding down, yet they were not surrounded by the talent to take this team to the next level of winning consistently every year during their four years.

This group he has in there now, led by Battle, is his first real team of players who has “developed” under ED. I think because we haven’t seen the development of players like Jones and Brooks under ED, that has even the most fervent of ED supporters a little concerned that this might not be the man to take PSU to that next level. Really, a level that PSU has never really been on since they’ve been in the Big Ten, save for a year here (1996) or a year there (2001).

I honestly felt before the Iowa and Indiana games that this team had a chance at having an OK season based on how well they played at both Minnesota and Illinois. But after seeing both lackluster performances against the Hawkeyes and Hoosiers, even this Positive Vibe Guy has his doubts about ED’s future past next season.
It wasn’t that they lost the games, but how they lost them. The team really did lack the fire that I’ve seen ED’s teams possess in the past. Call it “missing Cornley” or whatever you want, but that was so disheartening to see from this talented bunch.

Oh by the way, can’t this guy say that Penn State “won the NIT”, instead of “went to the NIT”. Sounds like we grabbed a cup of coffee and then split the scene. I guess if Battle’s 3 doesn’t go down vs GMU, you could say that we “went to the NIT”.