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Interesting take on PSU by Ole Miss' coach

$$$$$$$$$$$croll to the bottom.

Care to just share the quote here? I don’t have a scout membership.

Sorry, didn’t realize it was a $$$ link.

Basically he praises PSU for how big and physical they are.

that probably wouldn’t fall under the umbrella i know to be “interesting” as much as “surprising” lol

but hey, there’s something to be said for flattery.

If this is Alabama’s page on Scout why would they be talking about Ole Miss? Just something I’m curious about

Because that’s the way that the Scout system works. The story was originally published on Undoubtedly, one of the players mentioned in the article was an Alabama recruit. If you go to FOS right now, you’ll see this article originally published on the Rutgers site Penn State is mentioned in the article, so it appears on FOS.