Inside PSU's recruitment of Donta Scott


Discussion of Pat Chambers’ recruiting strategy/tactics…


Lot of detail in there. Gets to what I find the most interesting aspect of recruiting - how to decide when to take a kid when there are so many unknowns.


And what the kids face as well … when they haven’t completed their due diligence and the offer is going away.


Very interesting video. Very straight forward and honest. I love the insight into the recruiting process. Thank you Delgreco Wilson and Black Cager Sports for the perspective.


Del, this is great insight. Really appreciate it and it’s great to see these post-recruitment one on ones. The info you provide about how the city recruitment scene is top notch man.

Unfortunately, this also confirms my suspicion…we lost our shot at Donta not only because of Lundy but because of McKoy too…the numbers crunch. I really do wonder what would’ve happened if we had that extra slot available instead of taking McKoy’s commitment. Donta and Seth play similar positions, but Seth’s more of a pure wing where I think Donta can flex into the stretch 4 too.


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Thanks Del! We really appreciate the insight you provide to this board. :+1:


Very interesting discussion and insight, thanks Del!


Very informative. I hope both Seth and Donta have great success in basketball and life. They seem like great kids who have received good guidance and advice.


This insight starts to make you wonder how much of our recruiting success is due to Chambers’ salesmanship and how much should be credited to the improved amenities and support from the AD?


Yes, Scott “wanted” to take an official to PSU, but ultimately was not going too (per that interview). Too much of a risk to hold onto the scholarship for Scott, as much as we all would have love to have Scott.


Temple version:


yeah, if a player is not willing to take an official visit, that says a lot. only disaapointing thing is that Pat didn’t have that schollie available to hold out for a while longer and wait it out.


Outstanding, Del. Keep ur Philly insights a coming… Not sure why PSU didn’t slow play McCoy and allow Donta another unofficial visit. Why not take a shot at both Grundy and Scott in same class? Would have loved them both. All the best to Scott at MD except against the Nits.