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In praise of Shep Garner

God, he has stepped up and he was already pretty damn good. He’s made a ton of big threes this year.

Brad Underwood, about 1:20:

Sat pretty close to the floor against BC two years ago when Shep hit eight, but came away most impressed by what a great kid he seemed (and seems) to be.


I’ve enjoyed watching Shep here as much as any player we’ve ever had in this program. It’s going to be bizarre next year seeing a starting lineup without him after 4 years of being such a constant for us.

He’ll be remembered as a 3-ball shooter, but I’m also going to always remember how tough he was - never backed down from going to the rim if they needed him to, was always looking to take a charge against guys twice his size.

And he’s always been a tremendous leader for our team, even going back to his freshman season. The way he’s adjusted his role here the last two seasons really speaks volumes about both his ability and his character, he’s competing out there as hard as he can no matter what they ask of him. I really admire that about him.


I’ve never seen Shep whine or complain. I wish more of our fans had his character.

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He’s been great. Big shot after big shot. The thing about this team, on any given day, you can make an argument that one is the most important player on the team. Been a while since we had that. No doubt in my mind that if it were 12/1 and we got a reset, we’d be a top 15 team and lock dancer.

I’ll forever remember him as the first Philly high schooler to commit to us. DJ Newbill certainly helped kickstart the process, but we weren’t DJ’s first choice coming out of high school. We were Shep’s. He’s the kid that got the Roman Catholic pipeline flowing too.

I had my doubts when he first committed. I knew he had a great rep as a youngster but thought maybe he had peaked early. When he committed to us I began to wonder if maybe other schools had backed off him. But when I went to a hoops club preseason scrimmage, it took all of just a couple of minutes for me to realize that he had game. if I remember correctly, I texted tjb from the scrimmage and said “this kid can play”.


He has been one of the most prolific three-point shooters that we’ve ever had, but I think the thing that has told me what I need to know about him, as a person, a player, and a teammate, is the charges that he takes. Year after year, game after game, whether his shots are falling or not, he stood there and took the hit over and over and over again. He is not some pampered prima donna who just wants to get his points. Shep has dug in and has done the dirty work for this team for four years.

He exemplifies #attitude, and we will all miss him. Let’s see what kind of a run we can make to send him out in style.


He has really stepped up in his role second half of the season. Julian has last few games too. This is senior leadership. It was lacking last year because we had no seniors.

I really want this player rewarded with a trip to the tournament.

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I agree with all that has been posted here and would like to add that we will miss his mother next year too. She has been a positive and loyal fan who is supportive of everyone including fans in the stands.

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Earlier in the season I thought we might be better next season with the two freshman splitting time at the 2…now I realize how dumb that sounds (at least out of the gate). Shep’s been an amazing leader down the stretch. Thanks Shep!!!

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Earlier in the B1G season when we were at 3-5, it looked like it might not ever happen for Shep. He was the one player I felt awful at the time. This turn-around is simply amazing and no doubt his leadership kept the guys together for the common goal. Whenever his role changed starting last year with the new guys coming in, he’s never complained. It’s all right there in front of him and if he does it he can truly say he was a program changer (which he can already do even if it doesn’t work out for us this year). Do it Shep!

Echo everyone’s positive sentiments. Will definitely miss seeing his family (and yes, I’m including Flavor Flav) at almost every game. The entire Garner family has left their mark on this program and I hope to still see Shep around the program for years to come.

So glad to see this thread. Love when seniors step up, not only in production, but as leaders of the team in their final season. Shep has done that and so much more. Obviously, Tony, Lamar and Nazeer probably wouldn’t have happened had Shep not led the way to Happy Valley.

I was hoping beyond hope that last night at Purdue, when Shep gathered in the rebound with about 20 seconds to go and down by two, that we’d play for a game-winning three and Shep would take and make that shot. Release it about six seconds remaining, just in case of a miss, so we had a shot of a put back for the tie. But knowing how he’s been going, he was going to make it and we’d cruise out of West Lafayette with a 75-74 win.

In my dreams I guess…

But regardless, it’s been a tremendous finish to a really solid career. Nothing would please the basketball gods more than to see a senior who has been on struggling teams practically his whole college career, make it to the Big Dance.

Just win, win, win…and I think Shep will lead us there.

The first time I watched Shep play I knew he was/is a keeper. Not only the skills, which were there, so much as his toughness and on court demeanor (“Swag” is it?). I agree with all said above and put forth that Shep’s story is not nearly complete.

This was the moment I fell in love with Shep Garner. Gonna miss this dude.

Feel a little old (and going to make a bunch of you feel older) because Shep is the first four year guy to leave who I wasn’t ever in school with. I did get to see him in person a few times and the thing that stood out to me was how much Pat clearly loves him. He yells at everyone, but he yells at Shep a little differently. Seems like a good dude, and I hope we get into the tourney for him.



Also I have to imagine the strongest celebrity pedigree of any PSU recruit ever?

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That looks like a photoshop

It isn’t a photoshop, I can assure you. I’m sitting right behind the guy in the background leaning on his hand. Kim (Shep’s mom) and Flav both gave me a high-five at one point in the game.

I too will miss Shep and what he brought to Penn State. And having a seat this close to the Garner clan the last 4 years I can attest to the whole family being bought in. They will all be missed.