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In Praise of...Myles Dread

Myles is starting to remind me of Shep, which is very high praise. Not only is he a bomber from deep like Shep is, but he has really turned out to be a fearless charge-taker on defense like Shep was. When he grabbed the microphone on the scorer’s table after the Michigan win and led the crowd in a “We are!” chant, I got goosebumps.

The young man loves to compete - you can see it in his effort. This isn’t intended to take away from any of our other freshmen but just for me to acknowledge that Myles is a player. And he’ll only get better.


Myles seems to be a better all around player than Shep. His counting stats are nearly identical to Shep’s freshman year, but he’s doing it more efficiently with a higher FG and 3P % and a higher assist/turnover

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Thought the same about Shep when Myles was looking for his shot last night and firing.

11 of 21 from the FT line coming into last night’s game vs Maryland.

Shot it 6 for 8 and looks like he’s going to be much improved from the stripe from here on out…or one could hope. And also add that to his scoring repertoire…as he had 21 attempts in his first 27 games and 8 last night.


It is good to see. Wheeler has also improved I have noticed.

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I didn’t realize how difficult that was when I was watching it live. The replay from the camera on the floor makes you really appreciate CuJo’s recovery of what was almost a throwaway by Dread.


Better version


A short story.

It was a hot and muggy day.

Myles: “Who’s Bill James?”

And they all lived happily ever after until about 7:08 p.m. Tuesday.


Going back over the win probability chart reminded me of just how important Dread was to this victory.

In the last four minutes, we went from a 30% win probability to the actual win with several huge plays, pretty much all of which involved Myles.

He was guarding Kreiner when Kreiner drove and missed his layup with 3:20 to go and Iowa up two (Garza was fouled on the rebound and missed the two free throws).

20 seconds later, Dread got the assist when he found CuJo for his deep three that gave us the lead and moved us to the positive side win probability chart.

After Iowa takes the lead with their next possession, Dread feeds Lamar for a just inside the foul line jumper to give the lead back to PSU at the 2:35 mark.

After Garza ties it up with a free three, Dread hits Watkins with the alley-oop dunk giving us a two-point lead with 1:32 to go.

With 1:02 on the clock, he outhustles Kreiner for the loose ball on the sideline giving us the possession up two.

With 42 seconds left, he executes a difficult but perfect bounce pass to Lamar for the bucket that puts us up four.

It’s only then that he starts the parade to the foul line.

Good defense, four key assists (I don’t know if he was credited with all four but he deserved to be), great hustle, and clutch free throw shooting down that four minutes stretch where we took control of the game.

Brockington kept us in the game for much of the time that Watkins and Stevens were hampered with fouls, but it was Dread down the last four minutes who was arguably the key player in the win.


I went and checked the box score. CuJo was erroneously credited with the assist on the Lamar jumper but it was Dread that fed him the ball. Also nobody got an assist on the bucket by Lamar that put us up four, but Dread should have - he put Lamar in the perfect position to get a step on his man.

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That’s some good work digging that out for us, thanks!

I overlooked the rebound that he grabbed with 9 seconds on the clock that kind of sealed the deal. Should have included that too.

Myles has not shot as well as he obviously would have wanted this year, he’s also a better all around player. Him and Myreon are easily the most improved players on this team. If he can get his shot to drop more in Big Ten play, he’s going to open our offense even more.


Myles is a sniper, like Sh3p was. This is not a new skill for him. I have every confidence that he’s going to find his stroke, and there will be many, many games ahead of him when he’s going to fill it up.


PSU is 253rd in the nation in three-point percentage. They are winning with other things. I don’t mind taking a wide open three but we don’t have any great shooters outside of 15 feet except maybe Buckets. We don’t have to live and die by the three this season.


I think I understand what you’re trying to say here, but I don’t think it’s possible to just not be impacted by three-point shooting on a nightly basis.

Unless you just flat out dominate an opponent in every other part of the game, 3pt shooting is going to be a very important part of determining most outcomes.

That is to say, EVERYBODY lives and dies by the 3 in the modern game. It’s not really an option. Getting 3 vs 2 is massive in close games and often times getting a good look from 3 is much simpler than getting one from 2.

We recruited a lot of these guys specifically for their long-range shooting. Because you need long-range shooters, all over the court.

Myles will figure it out imo, but he’s gotta shoot his way out of it. Even if he only gets back to what his average was last year, that would mean he shoots about 41% for the rest of this season. I think he’s got that in him.


I don’t have a problem with taking open threes that are generated from running the offense but we, and not just psu by any means, have a tendency to take low percentage threes early in the shot clock. I don’t think we have anyone who shoots well enough to justify that and the fact that they moved the arc further out probably has a lot to do with it. I’d rather take the ball to the hoop. We are much better at that with this group and it’s working. We are winning with D and turnover battle lately.

I think the problem for Myles is that he is rushing his shot. This is happening because defenses are right up in his face at all times. And that is a function of the fact that they know he does not want to take anyone off the dribble. I definitely think he has the handle, the size, and the power to go strong, all the way to the hoop. Right now, he apparently lacks the confidence to do so. Even if a drive fails, this would plant the seed in the defense; kind of like throwing a long incompletion over the top. The sky is the limit for this young man.

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