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In praise of...Josh Reaves


I did not see the game live and just finished watching it. I focused on Reaves because I think he is incredibly talented and he has taken a few shots on here about what he’s not doing. I wanted to essentially follow him around (in a non-stalking sense) to see how he moved without the ball on offense and where he went on defense.

My conclusion: this kid is a stud. He was (bad word) everywhere, particularly in the second half. His enthusiasm was infectious, and he looks like he’s having a ball out there. Deflecting passes, blocking shots, making steals, diving for loose balls, alley-oop tosses - what a treat to watch.

I don’t care if his three isn’t where he or we’d like it to be. He does so many things so very well. He’s busting his butt out there. He’s going to have a phenomenal career here.


Kid’s obviously gotta shot to be a great one for us.


Yeah I like him a lot too. He will develop a better jump shot and three. Looks like a great teammate and loves Penn State. Just an all around great guy.


He just gets it, especially on defense. Fundamental stuff, like forcing the ball handler to the weak side, and reading the passing lanes. He was a treat to watch live and it is worth the price of admission just to watch him throw down slam after slam during pregame warm ups. Chambers was riding him overly hard all game long, and he never let it bother him, which shows his maturity as well.


He play well yesterday and I enjoyed watching him


He definitely has some nuts and bolts to tighten and needs to recognize where some passes/moves that worked in high school won’t work in college. But it sure seems like that’ll be something that easily comes through experience.


The Collegian needs to work on its headlines.


Bump. He is an amazing player.


Well deserve bump. He was amazing out there tonight and I the dude just plays with an unmatched intensity.


Love watching Josh play. It seemed like he had his fingers on nearly every pass FDU threw today.








In anticipation of Josh Reaves’ last home game, I thought I’d offer this flashback (best I can come up with right now) of his first 16 seconds as a college basketball player, and Nittany Lion:



Wow! How many times has that scene repeated during Josh’s time here. “Josh Things” are going to be missed, big time.


The Rutgers game was a vintage Josh game to me. I was just dumbfounded (but I don’t know why I should have been, considering it was Josh) when he blocked that three-point attempt. He is a brilliant defensive player, and it has been great to see his development on offense, too.


One of the joys of listening to Steve and Dick is Dick’s genuine laughter when a player does something unbelievable.