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In Praise of..... Izaiah Brockington

Felt like a real breakout game for Izaiah. During the middle-stretch of the 2nd half, where we have struggled to keep a lead, his energy and play around the rim generated the offensive efficiency that is needed to keep a team at bay. And yes, that Josh Reeves impersonation was special!! :slight_smile:

Dare I say… but this thought came to me. With the way this team plays D, I think we’ll be defending a lot of 2nd half leads. I would argue that if Izaiah can play like this more consistently, he should get more floor time WITH A LEAD than Wheeler. Wheel’s D is unmatched, but when protecting a double digit lead, we need buckets as much as we need stops and I really loved how IB ran the offense last night when given the chance.

Something to think about.

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He is an absurd athlete, very few guys can bounce off the floor like he can.

And his first step may be the quickest we have seen since Pringle.

It will be interesting to see if teams can force him to go right. I always said the same thing about Reaves, but he managed to get to his left frequently.

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Often guys described as “slashers” are athletes who are good enough to play but can’t shoot.

IZB can shoot (within the circle and I’m sure it will extend) but he is not just a slasher, he’s an elite finisher.

What gets described on opponents’ forums (more than once) as “we’re ok, Penn State is just making garbage shots” or “their circus shots are going in” is beginning to look like a pattern to us.

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I was thinking the same thing earlier. We’ve suffered thru so many years where our guys couldn’t make a layup. This year is flat out different.

My coworker was teammates with IZB’s father at Coppin State. He asked me today how he was doing… Haha. When I said that he was the leading scorer last game, he said “yeah, he’s a heck of an athlete.”. Ya think???

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