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That was terrific. When it was announced that John McCain had decided to stop any treatment he was receiving for his brain cancer, I felt obligated to send him a note via his US Senate website to express my appreciation for everything he’s done. It’s easy to take shots at what anyone might point out as his failings, but there isn’t anything anyone could say that John McCain hadn’t already acknowledged himself.

It’s funny - his farewell statement makes me think of Ted Kennedy! Their mutual belief in the goodness and the greatness of America were very similar. What an example that John McCain set for other public servants. I miss him already.




A little late, but…


I watched Willie play for the Giants when I was a kid at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. I also tried to get his autograph when he and Willie Mays came out of the stadium after the game but neither Willie would sign for the Pirates fans.



That’s a bummer. RIP Wally.


Yes it is…


The pride of Cheltenham High before Reggie Jackson came around.

Wally went directly from the Lions to the Lions. Compelling life history.




A bit of a local Centre County celebrity:


Definitely. Very active in the local wrestling community. He reffed a PSU Blue/White scrimmage just a year or two ago.


and as a bartender.


And umpire. And restaurant operator. And many other hats.

In a sad coincidence his sister was killed in a wreck near there a month ago


Definitely a well rounded and well liked. I remember interacting him in his umpiring days. Came across an great person in the small interactions.





My favorite acting role of hers dates back to The Odd Couple - Myrna Turner. She was hysterical.