I'm not even sure what to call this




I didn’t know I was a cardboard box robot. :wink:


That is absolutely hilarious. ;D


Great work.


I didn’t think it was possible to get a laugh out of me after that game.


Wonderful analysis of the PSU basketball program. Now who does that cardboard fellow remind me of ??


I have to admit, that was downright comical!!! :smiley: Good work to whoever made it!


I’m laughing hysterically…awesome!


Thanks! Glad to see I’ve accurately portrayed the message boards :wink:


you know, the guys on the team HAVE to be dailed in to this stuff… I wonder that THEIR take is on something like this.


That is too funny!!! Well done!!!


Very Nice.


See, this is exactly why I always monitor this board. Especially loved the cookoo gesture with the “Kool-Aid drinkers” reference.