Illinois IGT


Let’s go boys!


Interesting lineup. Sort of like last year’s 3 guard lineup. Kind of amazing that two of last year’s starters aren’t starting. I expected the 3 guards, and I guess the centers’ recent play forced this.(I know it was in the other thread, but game’s on)


Didn’t realize Drew had 53 straight starts.


Wow both Jones and Brooks not starting.


When preparing for our offense, does the opposing team only need to work on covering the high ball screen?


Hope it lights a fire when they come in…


Still giving up wide open shots on defense


Yes, and maybe Battle driving.


Hey, every school has traditions! ;D


Nobody ever moves over and even gets a hand up…I hate that


Did you see that block that Ott had? :o


Ugh, Frazier


hi…I’m the halfcourt line…


Is it a backcourt violation if your body crosses the line but the ball doesn’t?


Exactly,court presence totally absent there.


First 4 minute thoughts -

Babb 1-3 on 3 wide open looks, would like to see him start making 2-3 on the wide open ones or they’ll just keep giving him those looks.

Both teams have been careless early with the ball.

We’ve given up 4 wide open 3 pointers to them, they’ve hit 3. They’ve also hit a couple of tough shots against good defense.

Battle made a nice read on the hedge by their big man to get to the hoop.

Our offense already looks a bit stagnant - it’s like we run it once out of a timeout or the start of a half, and then it’s just freewheeling ball screens the rest of the way til the next stoppage. Gotta stay with the gameplan fellas.

Lots of room to improve - let’s get it together.


Frazier sure can leap though, jeez


Was that a Illini travel on the breakaway?


Battle scores because he and two other players were loafing back on defense. Great steal by Frazier.


Woodyard for 3