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Illini Battle of Battles

There are some surprisingly good photoshop pictures poking fun of Talor. It’s satisfying knowing how much of thorn Talor has been to them, so it’s okay to laugh.

My two favorites are these.

It’s too bad I don’t have photoshop because I’d like to make one of McCamey as Chet/toad in weird science.

Chief does a nice job previewing the games over on that board.

BTW, has anyone heard from our “Chief” lately? Are you out there “Chief”?

They have a thread about whether or not the game will be canceled due to the storm…here are some replies.

Yeah, but can it stop Battle
I bet the plane doesn't even take off

(in reply to the above quote)

Excellent point! Talor Battle will carry his team from PA to IL if that's what it takes!

Lots of respect for Talor.