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IGT vs Northwestern 2020, Noon Saturday, Feb. 15 (BTN)

About 1,800 tickets now available after sections 202, 203, 225 and 226 went up yesterday, including 50 resale.

Sections 227-234 and 201 (1,652 tickets) are not available for sale on Ticketmaster.

For those scoring at home, that’s 11,819 tickets sold plus whatever the students purchase from those held back for them (presumes any held back for them in the lower bowl are accounted for).


Another attendance of 15,261?

I just resold my tickets to this game for more than the cost of my entire season ticket package. :money_mouth_face::open_mouth:

I wish I could be there, instead, but work interfered with this trip.

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How does this compare to this point last week? Less, more, about the same tickets sold? I’m climbing, hopefully @tjb is as well!

A week ago.

Right now: 1,665 left in the sections that are open. However, there are four sections (+940 seats) available for purchase this week that last week were being held for students.

Last week’s 4 p.m. Saturday game was called a sellout at about 5 p.m. Friday.

Students and noon game typically aren’t a good combination for promptness

Yeah but it’s a little different for basketball. If you’re a student you just walk from your dorm to the stadium. For football it’s more of an ordeal. Tailgating, meeting up with your group of 15 friends you want to sit with, etc.

According to the NLC email, buried at the bottom, post game will have “Seth, Myles and Patrick” signing autographs.

Patrick Chambers or Patrick Kelly?

Only players sign autographs after the game, Kelly.
You are NITpicking.

Let’s hope we’re still just talking about the flu and not something worse.


Moved most of those new sections yesterday, may have opened 2 sections too many to get the sell-out.



1,350 available at 7:33 a.m.

Doing the math…they sold about 8-900 from when you posted yesterday?

1,800 were available when I started the thread at 7:15 a.m. yesterday.

1,350 available at 7:33 a.m. today. A few more now (8:14 a.m.) as more resales got posted.

Tickets moving at a pretty good clip, though. Will see if the east upper deck (Sections 227-234 and 201 (1,652 tickets)) are curtains or students.

Can I still buy the seats Right behind our bench for $2k each??

And what source do you use to get this picture? When I go to Ticketmaster it doesn’t let you zoom out to entire stadium with individual seats showing

Gothca, thanks. I stripped out the resale, looks like there’s 37 of those. So all in, they moved roughly 500 yday. Public sale sellout is the goal I think…probably gonna need some walkup to get there unless this starts picking up today.

Every game from here on out is critical to the chances for a Big 10 title. Would like to see the community respond.


Unfortunately a lot of people will probably be attending the sold out wrestling match at the BJC on Saturday night instead of the hoops game at noon.