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IGT vs Iowa 2020, The Palestra, 2 p.m. Saturday Jan. 4 (BTN)

It will beat a better home court atmosphere than if the game was played at the BJC. So how can be considered “Semi-Home”? :slightly_smiling_face:

I take the point, but travel, sleep in strange place, strange rims and sight lines, different routine. Just a different equation.


Player Values vs NCAA average.

Lamar Stevens +5.0
Mike Watkins +4.8
Myreon Jones +3.5
Myles Dread +1.5
John Harrar +1.3
Izaiah Brockington +1.2
Jamari Wheeler +0.6
Seth Lundy +0.5
Curtis Jones +0.2

Luke Garza +5.2
Joe Wieskamp +4.0
CJ Fredrick +3.9
Connor McCaffery +3.5
Ryan Kreiner +1.9
Joe Toussaint +1.1
Cordell Pemsl +0.4
Bakari Evelyn +0.4

*Jordan Bohannon +1.0 OUT

  • Offensively, Iowa has the #1 Garza, #2 Fredrick, #4 Kriener, and #6 Wieskamp best offensive players on the court vs #3 Jones, #5 Stevens
  • Defensively, we have three defenders (Watkins, Stevens, Wheeler) that are way clear better than their best defender.
  • I know Lamar wants to develop his perimeter game, but so far it has been a bust. I would much prefer if he scrapped it. He shouldn’t be taking any contested shots outside.
  • Wheeler’s turnovers have spiked without an increase in assists. Defensively still phenomenal, but his turnovers/usage has frighteningly bad
  • Not sure where and how, but Seth Lundy needs to play more.
  • The numbers say Curtis Jones is just not good. He needs to play less.
  • I was surprised as Brockington’s number, I thought it would be a little higher based on eye-balls, but his turnovers are also high for his usage and his three point shooting has not been as good as I thought it was.
  • John Harrar continues to give decent minutes off the bench in relief of Mike. His offensive rebound numbers are up, his blocks are up, his fouls are down, his assist rate is WAY up, where’d that come from… maybe guys like M.Jones actually hitting shots for him has helped that. I’d like to see that assist graph on him. He’s a forgotten guy but he’s played well and we need it when Mike needs a blow.
  • I know the perception is that we are much deeper than ever before, but if we suffer any sort of injury to our Big Three it could unravel everything. They each bring something uniquely elite to the table and there’s just no one else available that can replace those elite skills.

Funny, I’ve generally been more optimistic over the years than others, but now I’m on the other side of the coin — slightly… Don’t get me wrong, I think this team is very good, deserves to be tucked inside the Top 25, and a definite tournament team, but we have been absolutely running on the good side of that variable that some of you like to pretend doesn’t exist… LUCK.

I do think the team two years ago were a few points better than this one but was kept out of the tourney only because of horrible luck and a completely botched non-conference scheduling job.

A few errors in there

I’m fully expecting a wild game here. I feel like any outcome is possible with how good Iowa is on offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if we forced them into a rough shooting night and won by 20, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got red hot and beat us by 20. I’m kinda thinking we are going to get a Myles Dread breakout here, this game is made for him to hit some open looks.

This is a pretty big game to be playing at this point though. Our first ranked game since February 17, 1996. If we are going to give ourselves a chance at competing for a double bye, this is a game we are going to need to win. Not to mention what it does for a casual fan base that does not pay close attention to basketball.


I expect Iowa to go right at Lamar and Mike and try to get is in foul trouble.


And I expect them to play a lot of zone to try and avoid getting Garza in similar trouble, If Garza has foul trouble, Iowa is screwed. Put Lamar at the foul line of the zone, give him the ball and go right at the cup if Garza takes so much as a step in his direction.


Agreed. Think fouls will determine the outcome. Hard to argue against trying some zone against psu. Outside of Buckets, I wouldn’t be too worried about the arc.


They will but this won’t work as well as other years since we have Brockington, MJ, Curtis Jones, and an improved Harrar as well.

Our depth has improved but we saw in Columbus what happens when we get in foul trouble. I don’t think we beat Iowa with those guys you listed. You need your best players on the court to win this game.


You beat me to the punch. I was just going to say that if Mike and Lamar stay out of foul trouble then i think we win.

My fear is that Mike picks up a defensive foul and Lamar lowers his shoulder and picks up an offensive foul in the first 3 minutes. Makes me super nervous.


Lamar loves to lower that shoulder to clear out space and it seems at home it never gets called but on the road it’s called every time. Interesting to see if he gets it in Philly or not. I remember the AC game against NC State he couldn’t recover from getting those push offs called against him.

Mike doesn’t do the frustration foul as much anymore but, as Pat emphasizes, his mental toughness is very much day to day. Gotta keep them fresh and out of foul trouble to get the W.


Bingo. I think Stevens fouling out of that OSU game is a perfect example of the thin line we are walking with our Big Three.

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I also dont think Iowa is nearly as talented as OSU, especially on defense. Their foul trouble margin is just as thin as ours. In fact, more. If Garza gets in trouble they have no answer inside.

On defense I don’t think Iowa is as talented as Georgetown or Syracuse.

If one is looking for betting action in this game, I think the Over is the only thing to consider playing.


If I remember correctly, Fran uses that 1-3-1 matchup zone to change it up, right?

Just to be clear, our “big three” are Myreon, Lamar and Mike, correct?


Well this clears it up!


I would say so. Jamari would be 4 imho for his D. Then it’s everyone else.