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IGT @ Rutgers 2020, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 7 (BTN)

Important game.

Less than 500 tickets left, according to Rutgers’ Facebook page.


  • Quick turnaround after a physically and emotionally draining game
  • Rutgers likes to beat Penn State
  • Rutgers is playing well and will likely have a full house in a band box gymnasium

Possible pluses:

  • It’s the second game after losing a critical piece, and the first-game-after adrenaline might be gone
  • Mike hasn’t had two sub-par games in a row this season, I don’t think, and he remained engaged even though he wasn’t getting it done yesterday.



On 247, someone said the team is staying on the road instead of coming back to State College.


They bussed to New Brunswick right after the game.


Penn State 75 Rutgers 70

Very, VERY good decision.


Yeah, I saw they were there almost before dark too

Heat at Palestra will probably take a toll physically but limited minutes played by Mike and Lamar might pay dividends in this game.


Rutgers is a consensus favorite in analytics sites, 2-3 points.

Can’t find one where Penn State is favored. Let’s see what happens in Vegas tomorrow night.


Rutgers best not be fooled by their Nebraska result. The Geo Baker loss is a significant 2-3 pt hit for them. Key injuries can take a game or two to trickle into the results. Baker had the highest court time for them and as other player’s minutes and usage ticks up so will inefficiency. A high-volume/low eFG chucker named Jacob Young will be getting the biggest minutes up-tick from this and if I’m Pat I challenge him to beat me. Mike has another tough matchup with Myles Johnson, he’s been very, very good but he’s no Garza.

I suspect Rutgers will be slight favorite, should be closer to a pick 'em with Baker out IMO. That being said, this is easily their best team in the past 45 years, they will be bringing it.


Pressure, pressure, pressure is the key to this game. Generate turnovers from kids not used to handling the ball this much and we’ll be sitting pretty.


If we can get them to play an up and down game I like our chances.

It’s been a little less than 45 years…


This team is wayyyy better than that one.
The 1998-99 team that went 9-9 in the Big East was better than the 89 team. The A-10 was even a bigger ■■■■ kicker conference back then vs now. West Virginia went 17-1 in conference, good enough for a 7 seed.

Their high water mark will always be their 1976 Final Four team that went 31-2. They had three guys play in the NBA from that team.

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Bunches left/available on Vivid.

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You really can find anything on Youtube!!! This was my first hoops roadtrip as a student. What a blast, even though we lost.
And please, if they stop at Panera, get the bagels pre-sliced!!!

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Penn State leads the all-time series with Rutgers 42-32. Depending on what happens this year it could go from 44-32 to 42-34 depending on if either team sweeps in the series.

Rutgers opened as high as -2.5 but has quickly settled in to -1.


If RU wins, are we now worthy for an opponent’s fans to storm the court?! Small victories, even if it’s a loss :wink:

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