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IGT @ Purdue 2020, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11 (BTN)

Myreon out.

PC pre-game:

MJ did not Jake the trip. (But it was a close call, said Steve Jones.)

Big issue is rotations and who has ball in last four minutes. Worked on that the last couple of days.

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Apparently the S&C coach also has the flu and didn’t make the trip.

I hope they weren’t in Wuhan recently

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Jake the trip? :wink:

Going small ball to start. Brockington starting for Harrar

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Well that’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Yikes. Haarms is huge, we should not be having Lamar guard him, that’s foul trouble waiting to happen and we can’t afford Lamar to pick up early fouls

That’s to pull Haarms away from the bucket to open up driving and slashing lanes.

Lamar can back Haarms down, he’s weak.

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The guys are loose!

Ummmmm you missed the point. Lamar defending a 7 footer who is long. That’s a recipe for foul trouble

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Haarms is not a physically strong player. It would not be relatively difficult for Lamar to deny him position.

Maybe the Purdue stat feed was wrong

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Time to buckle up

Lets do it guys!

Zone defense?

I want them all from here on in. :slight_smile:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been to Mackey. Great atmosphere.

Love the small ball idea! Defend and disrupt!

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I wish I were there and close to the court so that I could continually yell, “Harms hair SUCKS!”

JH starts

Seth! Big 3 there.

Oops no lineup change