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IGT @ Michigan State 2020, 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4 (BTN)

Currently Penn State’s least likely win of the remaining games: KenPom says only a 28% chance of victory and predicts a 76-69 final.

Michigan State coming off a tough loss at Wisconsin.

“We got our ass kicked today by a team that played for their coach, played for their school, played for each other,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said. “I don’t know all the situations and I don’t really care. But that is a great example of somebody reaching down, a group of people, and playing for their coach, their program and their school.”

“Players play the game and coaches coach the game,” Izzo said. “My job is to get them ready to play. I think they were ready to play as far as X’s and O’s. My job is also to get them ready to play where they have the energy and the stamina, and I didn’t do my job there. So I thought some of our players didn’t do their job, but 100% the coach didn’t do his job.”

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My dad is going to this game, and he wears Green & White. Let’s make sure he’s sad leaving the Breslin Center!!


Yep, for a change there will not really be much pressure on PSU to win this game.


A great opportunity for us to play with “house money” as Ben Jones points out. Winning at Nebby last night removed some pressure from us. While we all would love to see us beat MSU, I would really like to see us compete on even terms and demonstrate that we have a place in the conversation this year about who the elite teams in the B1G are. We don’t need to win to do that, though it surely would be nice!


I’m expecting Lamar to foul out in this game. Anything better is gravy.


I’m expecting Wheeler to foul out. As aggressive as he is on D and as much as Winston is a baller and Izzo a whiner, he will be lucky to make it half way thru the 2nd half.

Let’s just hope for Buttrick’s and McCloskey’s coming out parties. I don’t want to get shut out.

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Haven’t watched MSU play, do we have a decent shot here or is it more like we’re gonna need to get extremely lucky?

Win this and things will get crazy for PSU bball

If we won at Illinois in 2006, we can win at Michigan State in 2020. I’m not expecting it, but it’s worth a shot


I’m pretty sure that Bubby Battle and company won at MSU his senior year, the last season that PSU went dancing. Would love to see Lamar and company pull it off on Tuesday night too.

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Yes, he did. But the Illinois win in 2006 was a larger upset and bigger surprise


I don’t think that Mr. Arrington has any eligibility left, unfortunately


I’m expecting people on this board to be unhappy with the refs.

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Thanks, fixed it. And Btw, I never knew that Mr. Arrington played hoops at PSU. Learn something new every day.

The guy was a freak, I’m sure he could have. That was around the years of Sam Crenshaw playing both sports, right? Lavar’s last year was 99… When did Crenshaw play? Early 2000s?

Edit: it was 2002

He did in high school and was damn good too. Reportedly, North Carolina and Georgetown were both interested.

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We have a shot here, especially with how we are defending right now, but we are going to need our most complete performance of the season.


We definitely have a shot in this one, but this game is not coming at a good time. Michigan State should play with their hair on fire after the last one.

Important for us to run their shooters off… funnel them inside towards big Mike. We’re going to need a high-energy Mike for the whole game in this one. Stay out of foul trouble as well.