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If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle

If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck…it’s a duck.

You are what your record says you are.

Anymore cliche’s to throw out there.

I don’t see how people are justifying last night as just a poor shooting night. Last time I checked, a HUGE part of basketball is shooting. If Maryland doesn’t turn the ball over 75 times in the first five minutes and plays just OK BBall, they win by 30 points.

There were two guys on that court associated with the PSU BBall program that belonged on that court, Battle and Jones. Granted Jones can’t shoot a lick and has horrible hands, but he played with emotion and intensity and was a legit force on the boards. DJ and Brooks, both seniors, showed up very small. Frazier/Woodyard/Oliver/Buie couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn because they were so nervous and overmatched, that is what happens. There is a huge difference between hitting a wide open three against Lehigh or Furman then in hitting a three with a guy running at you in your face in a tight game. Especially when you legs are a little tired because you just had to play man to man defense for 30 seconds on the other end against a guy as big and strong and fast as you are.

As was pointed out in another thread, that was also the worst coaching performance and was just flat embarrassing. There were literally times when all the PSU players were just standing around doing nothing as Battle ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. I thought I was watching the beginning of the movie Waterboy where Ed was Henry Winkler and Williams was the other coach who just totally outclassed Dechellis (Henry Winkler). For a team with 4 seniors, two juniors (Oliver being in his 3rd year) and a sophomore who logged quality minutes last year in your 8 man rotation, something like that should not happen on your home court in a big game.

This wouldn’t have fit right in with your other thread you made that says the exact same things? We get it, you didn’t like the performance of the team - but it sounds like you had your mind made up about what this team had to offer prior to last night, so why are you still watching them and acting surprised at what you see?

Go donate your time to charity or something. We’re tired of hearing the crying - the rest of us are ready for the next game, let’s hope the team isn’t sitting around sulking like you and the others on this board.

Cletus, you might want to try posting this in the child deadwood board instead. More appropriate there and you might get more of the expected response from your “friends.”

Or he can go to fos and talk with rokk and his crayolas.

Let’s play your little game though, just to further prove how dramatic you’re being…

You mention Maryland turning the ball over a bunch being the reason we were close in the early going… so you must think they don’t turn it over a lot regularly… except that they do, they average 16 a game this year and had 17 last night. Pretty standard outing in that regard.

They also shot exactly their season average last night against us, yet scored 16 points less than their average last night. Any idea why? I’ll tell you why - because we rebounded the ball well, which is something they generally do well themselves. The lack of o-rebounds for them combined with the higher number of o-rebounds for us (not to mention a fair, but not great TO number for us) gave them less shots than they’re used to seeing.

So what was the difference in the game? You’ve got it. Shooting percentage. Nobody is justifying the loss by saying so, they are explaining the loss. Analyzing the game for what it was: one of the worst shooting performances that will take place in all of basketball this year.

It’s unfortunate it happened against a team that could make us pay for it, it’s partially because of the strategy we employ and the personnel we’re stuck playing with, but this is not as bad an offensive unit as you saw last night and anybody unwilling to recognize that is not dealing in reality (or unable to understand what reality is in this case).

It’s a long season and it’s obnoxious as hell to see the deadwood crew at it on December 2nd already based on one game. Head over to rivals if you want to pat each other on the back for being the first to bash Ed this year… it’s not interesting discussion, it’s not original, and it’s not wanted around here by most of the faithful posters. At the very least head over to deadwood if you’re going to make the same post twice in one day.