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I was there and this is what happened


[url=]Penn State beats UCLA[/URL]


I was there too and it WAS great! As I recall, we were then literally a James Barnes’ dribble off the knee away from making it to the Sweet Sixteen two days later against Eastern Michigan, I believe it was.


I was in my dorm watching it. Wasn’t a hard decision to blow off the Art History course.


That EMU game still hurts. Long ride back to PSU after that. Would have faced UNC in Sweet 16.


Went to that game with a friend from college. At that time, I was just a casual basketball fan. That game started my long-term interest in PSU basketball.


That was my first PSU hoops game. I was an 8th grader, and my parents let me cut school so that my dad and I could make the drive up. Such great memories from that game.


Ran home from school (jr.high) and there were about 10 minutes left in the first half. My dad could not get off of work and I gave him updates on the phone.

6 of us (3 adults, 3 13 year olds) had driven from Pittsburgh for the GW game the week before.

I still can’t believe they lost to Eastern Michigan. They had that game won!