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How will PSU honor Joe?


Been pondering how the school will honor Joe … know Joe’s family has dibs … but figured no harm in me hoping for some things… curious what others are hoping to see ….

Hoping Beaver stadium … stays Beaver stadium … that honor has been bestowed … seems wrong to change

Hoping Sue sits in Joe’s seat on the bus … for the 1st game … and from then on … Coach O’Brien sits there … it’s the head coach’s seat to me
Hoping Sue leads the team out of the tunnel … for the 1st game … and thereafter Coach O’Brien … it’s his job to lead

Hoping there will a trio of annual scholarships in his name … one for the T … one for the L … and one for the C

Hoping there’s a small grove somewhere on campus …called Joe’s Place … and on the paths to it … maybe there are some benches … and maybe on the benches there are some plaques … and maybe on the plaques you’ll read … Why are you here … or … What did you do today to get better

Hoping there’s a building built … and it’s called We Are … and one wall is Joe’s … for things about Joe… and one wall is for students … for things about them … and one wall is for alumni and one for the teams both past and present … and the display changes like the seasons …
And I’m hoping it’s free … but has 2 donation boxes … one sits at your waist and the other up high … and the one up high says ‘Kids” … so all are reminded … kids need help … reaching beyond their grasp

Hoping Peachy Paterno is free for students … any student … at any school … and it’s the honor system … you say you’re a student … it’s free … and maybe free for kids as well … rumor has it they like ice cream too :slight_smile:


Change the name of University Park Airport to Paterno Field.


Why not rename the stadium Paterno-Beaver Stadium? Very similar to what Bama did after Bryant. I think it’s a fitting tribute. A JVP patch on the uniform of the football team, or a sticker on the helmet for next season is a must IMO.

One thing that has bothered me about people is when they say “well this is what Joe would’ve wanted” or assume they know what Joe would have wanted. I understand they do it in good faith, but we shouldn’t be trying to assume what he wanted. We should make tributes to him, and show what he meant to our community.


A couple of penitions are already circulating on the web.


The “X Field at Y Stadium” names just seem cheesy to me.


Me too. Oriole Park at Camden Yards is Camden Yards to everyone I know.


Somehow I feel like changing anything at the football stadium is not the right way to go. He was about so much more than football. His name is on the library… THAT is fitting, but it’s already done.

I was kind of hoping that they would bury him somewhere on campus, like the old past presidents (Who’s grave is there by Schwab auditorim? Hind of like that or something) I think that he’s been the most influential person on making the school what it is today, since those early founders. He’d be among the students, then… which is where he always wanted to be, not in some far-off field where it’s quiet and lonely.

He never seemed real comfortable with the statue outside the stadium. I think something that’s more than football is what’s appropriate… but just my 2 worthless cents.


George Atherton.


It is probably not PSU’s call, but I think it would be great if they rename College Avenue to Joe Paterno Avenue.


You’ve got a much better chance of seeing Park Avenue renamed.


I don’t think they will do much of anything in the near future. Just a feeling.

I also found the OP to be extremely hard to read. All of the … are very distracting.


I’ve never been a fan or the dual name thing. Very quickly, one gets forgotton by the masses. Prime example is your post. The library is not named Paterno. One building, the former East Wing is named Paterno. Central & West are still named Pattee.

Bottom line, I think whatever Joe’s thoughts were and his family’s opinions matter a lot more than ours.

If I had my druthers, I’d go for changing Park Ave to Paterno Ave. It connects McKee to Beaver Stadium & a lot of the football traffic would then be turning on to paterno Ave from Atherton & the Bypass.


I think the stadium is a natural. I think there needs to be some time before doing it.

To me, his name on the library trumps all, and kind of speaks to what he wanted to be.


I vote for renaming the stadium “Joe Paterno Stadium.” This is a national (even international) honor. Joe deserves it!!


I’m thinking maybe we should have a memorial at Beaver Stadium.

One with a bronze statue of him…

Never mind. :wink:


I’d like to see a couple of things that have already been covered, but one of my ideas that I’d like to share is what if we did something ‘permanent’, but small, to the unis—kind of the way the Bears added the GSH after Halas died. Maybe a little pair of his glasses as a patch on the sleeve or a sticker on the back of the helmet. It shouldn’t be big, should not call excessive attention, but a subtle reminder of Paterno’s importance to the university and the team.


My take:

1.) Agree that “x Field at y Stadium” is cheesy. Coach K Court is still Cameron Indoor. It’s not a real honor. It’s what you do when you are trying to look like you are honoring someone, without having to do it.

2.) I like the recommendation of renaming Park Ave as “the Paterno Way”

3.) It would have been great to see him buried next to the Nittany Lion Shrine, but family wishes always trump any potential honor.

4.) Rename the members of the BoT from Trustees to Paternees. Every current member, as well as any new member, will be swatted by a giant paddle, a la Animal House, with a ceremonial announcement of “…and this is for what our predecessors did to a great man…” :o


I like the idea I heard from Jeff Byers on the radio this morning. Rename the block of Curtin Road between Porter Road and University Drive, “The Paterno Way”. There would be no mailing addresses to change as would be the case on Park Ave. And on game day whether it’s the team riding in on the buses or the students walking out from campus they would be following the Paterno way.


I know we don’t retire numbers and Joepa didn’t play at PSU but what if we retired his Brown number (#36) or maybe gave it to a captain.


I like the airport becoming Paterno Field. That way when the BOT’s fly in, they will have to enter State College in their private jets via the Paterno Way.

Besides an airport is the heart of a community. It is where journeys begin and end. How appropriate.