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How to ignore a specific poster

Ignoring a specific person

  1. Write down the poster’s username
  2. Go to Profile > Summary
  3. Go to Modify Profile > Buddies/Ignore List … > Edit Ignore List
  4. In the “Add To Ignore List” “Members:” text entry field, enter the poster’s username and click the Add button

Needs some techno music playing in the background.

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to ignore oneself? Would one’s entire existence evaporate in a cloud of meme?

Wow!! I’m famous!! tjb, this is a huge honor to make that short list. I would like to thank the academy, family and friends for making this all possible. This distinguished award will certainly go directly to the trophy cabinet, along with all BigTen Championships won between 1998-2011, as well as the now defunct Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy awarded to the winner of the Big Ten Championship Game.


There’ve been some improvements in Discourse, so I figured I’d help update how to accomplish this.

  1. Click on the Username of the person you want to ignore.
  2. When their profile opens, you’ll see a box on the upper right hand side with a meeple icon that says “Normal.”
  3. Click the normal box and choose “Ignored.” Boom.

H/T [redacted] for the motivation!


Is there a way to not have to select for only a certain duration?

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Just for everyone’s benefit, it looks like there is now an option to ignore a poster forever.

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Just another way to further polarize America. Just avoid civil discourse, put your hands over your ears and run to your opposite corners.


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Excuse me? Talk about polarizing. I make one post to let the board know about a feature of this board and you decide that is needed to make an attacking post. Look in the mirror.

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Say what? We can learn to talk respectfully to each other, particularly considering that we have some things in common (love for Penn State in general, PSU hoops in particular), instead of avoiding each other. I didn’t mean to insult you personally, but to generally point out the larger issue of not trying to listen- if the talking is done respectfully.

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