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How to beat the Spartans?


I come to this board on the morning of a big game…perhaps the biggest game of this team’s season, and I get threads on Chinese mothers and stacks of paper. (no offense kid…OK…OFFENSE)

Just thought I would start something fresh up for each game, sort of like NationsBuilder’s “We have a game tonight” thread from Purdue.

Try to stay positive, but this is not a “positive” thread per se. So you can say what’s on yout mind.

Battle will again be tested by a solid in-your-face defender in freshman Keith Appling. I hope the refs give the benefit of the doubt to the senior playing at home over the freshman and Appling will find the pine early and often in this game. But then again…

Marshall needs to show up again today. What I would like to see is Jermaine create for others. When he slashes to the lane, look for the open man underneath or an open Battle at the 3-point line.

Jones or DJ or Brooks will have to find a way to guard or just plain contain Draymond Green. He gets going and it could be lights out for the Nits very quickly in this one.

MSU’s free throw percentage is lacking in games this year. Izzo says they’ve been doing better in practice this week, but in a game on the road, we’ll see.

I really feel the Nits can pull this one out, seeing that this collection of kids has beaten MSU at the Breslin before. So the fear factor for the Nits hopefully won’t even be a factor.

PSU 72
MSU 70


I guess you missed this thread that I started this AM.


Sorry, Cappy…but I really needed to hit this board in the face with a dose of reality. And seeing “Chinese mothers” and “paper” instead of “Battle”, “Brooks” and/or “Marshall”, just got me going.


Guard the white kid.


Seems like we have been pretty good against MSU during the Battle-era. Only one game that really got out of hand against them, despite them being a top25 squad almost every time we’ve faced them.

Not 100% sure why we seem to play well against them in particular as of late, but I think the trend will continue today.

MSU has had a turnover problem this year, according to Kenpom. They also have a FT shooting problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have many fouls to spare - but if we did, that would be my gameplan is to hack them inside and play very safe defense and allow them to beat themselves on the offensive end.

Hope to see a lot of zone today instead, protect our guys from foul trouble. Hope to see deliberateness on offense again like we did a few games ago - lots of passing and a lot less dribbling.