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How the BTN really got started...thanks ESPN!–20110701,0,5568175.story

And he regifted him! LOVE the BTN.

Terrific story.

I had the “pleasure” of “running into” Shapiro when I produced my SportsCentury shows. It was his way or the highway pretty much back in those days and everyone around him ran scared it seemed like. I tried to stand up for what I thought was right (and it was) as it pertained to my shows and story lines and the higher ups at ESPN (Shapiro included) looked to bend things their way all the time as they had their set formula for the shows. Though I did win some smaller battles.

In fact, in the early goings of the Top 50 SportsCentury series, Shapiro didn’t like the way the initial interviews were shot and ordered them re-shot. Not sure how many since I didn’t pick up with the series until after the Top 50 were in the can, but I heard from many shooters that they had to go back to some pretty famous people to ask for another interview for their shows. Classic Shapiro move.

I’ll give credit where credit is due, as the SportsCentury shows that he did head up were and still are seen as groundbreaking television and when I’m putting my resume tape together I still dive back to a few of those shows to present myself in a good light. So for that, I thank Mark Shapiro, and will send a re-gifted bottle of champagne his way. :slight_smile:

Oh and thank you Mark for the BTN…it’s so much better than what ESPN puts out there in regards to Big Ten basketball.