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How Many OOC Wins?


In light of the recent days’ news, :’( this seems like a trivial concern. That’s why I need it. :slight_smile:

(And, sadly, the other news will still be there after I take this little diversion into predicting some basketball games.) has us winning 8/12 (second tourney game not listed). I’m going optimistic (10 wins!) for no other reason then it feels good to hope the best for some guys wearing Blue and White.


I’m optimistic too. But I think we’ll struggle early and come on late – in conference games. So I chose 7-8. I think we win 7 or 8 OOC and 7 or 8 in conference. Then hopefully at least one in the B1G tourney.


I am very optimistic about the long term future of this team. Not so much on the wins-losses this year. But really looking forward to it.


Going with 8-5 in the OOC. Probably losses vs. Kentucky, St. Joe’s, BC, Old Miss, and maybe Duquesne the way they played last night. Wouldn’t be shocked by fewer wins. It’s ok though, I like the direction PC is taking them.


I need to see what Pat’s rotation is really going to look like before I can guess. I’m hopeful for the long term success but I think this year is going to be ugly.


I am thinking 7-6 with losses to LIU, Kentucky, St. Joes, Ole Miss, Duquesne, one other not expected.


I think it will be a major accomplishment if the team wins more than 7. I’m not expecting much this year, kind of how I gave Ed a pass the first year or two, but I hope for much better seasons in the near future.


7 sounds right.


I’m thinking 7+


No games have been played yet. I’m going with 9+! There’s no harm in being overly optimistic at this point. The rest of you will see the light after the Kentucky win! :slight_smile:


Running the table, baby - 13-0. (One of these years I’m going to be right…)


;D Love it Jim, but I’m goin with 8 OOC wins.


OOC’s done (pretty profound point, eh?) I wanted to go back and read some of our predictions/thoughts prior to any games. Pretty interesting to me. IMO, record aside, I feel like we’re ahead of the curve. Sure we’re at 8 wins, but at we “gave away” probably two of our games.

Just gaining perspective.


I didn’t vote, but I said 10. 3 games that got away from us. Miss, Lafayette and Duquenst. Ouch. But on to the B10.

[quote="jyd, post:11, topic:2799"]Running the table, baby - 13-0. (One of these years I'm going to be right...)[/quote]

;D Love it Jim, but I’m goin with 8 OOC wins.

All right Cap!!! Nailed it baby!!


I said 7+ and we got 8. And I realized that every year there are games that get away or games we should have won. I’m really not expecting much from this team this year. Just hope we finish the year with over 10 wins.