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Hosting fees -- Donations Accepted


I just got hit with the hosting fees for the coming year.

The total for the fees is $815.88.

I had $242.08 left over from two years ago. (My family did not know about it when they raised funds last year.)

So we need to raise $573.80 to cover it. If you wish to help out with a donation, click the “Donate” button near the top of the page, or below.






Oh, and thanks.


Gave a few bucks tonight. If we’re still short by week’s end I’ll pitch in a few more. I’d be lost without this place. :smiley:


Where’s the thermometer? ;D


Once I get some cash I’ll pitch in. Thanks as always


I’m in. Thanks, Tim.



Though…I do find it amusing that the Paypal identifier is “PENNSTATEHO” :slight_smile:


Glad I saw this. Contributions were closed before i could donate last year.




We’re at about $350 new dollars so far, so about $225 to go.


Calling Terry Pegula! :slight_smile:


While I don’t post that often, I enjoy reading the posts. I’m in!


Ditto! :slight_smile:


Just sent something in…done




We’re at $695, which is huge!

I appreciate everyone’s contributions… no one should feel like they have to send in their lunch money, though. The “usual suspects” have already been more than generous. We’ll be able to shut it down shortly.


Doughnut money delivered. :wink:

Thanks for all you do, Tim.


So glad I got to contribute this year.

Tim, thanks for running such a great site.


I’m in.

Let’s have a telethon next year to raise the money. ;D