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Has anyone here ever attended the Men's Big Ten Hoops Tournament?

I received the application in the season ticket package and started considering what to do and I thought I might get some feedback before moving on it.

If you order them sooner, are the seats better? I figure they might be. Of course, if we have another season like last year, I may be rethinking my plans on attending. Maybe I should just look at it this way–since the Big Ten is supposed to be great this year, I’m going to see exciting basketball even if PSU doesn’t advance far.

When do you think a customer would find out where their seats are? If I order through PSU, I assume the seats would be with other PSU fans, don’t you think? Or should I just bypass the order form I just received and try to get good tix when they’re available online?

Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

Each school gets its own vertical section in the arena and they rotate every year so some years are better than others. My advice would be to buy tickets at the event. What you do is hang out outside the section of the fans of the teams that lose and buy up their tickets for the following session(s). I have done this at the B10, ACC and NCAA tournaments and it works out well. You can pick up pretty good seats and you get to experience difference seats/views. By Saturday, there are only 4 of the 11 teams left so tickets are readily available.

That’s genius planning spikes, nice work! Will keep this in mind.

My wife and I went to last years tourney. I purchased our mezanine tickets off of E-Bay about one week prior for a tad less than face. They were end zone seats but not too low or high and considered good seats.
Prices drop depending on who or does not advance. If we had won our Minny game I can assure you that a heck of a lot more MN fans would have been selling than the few PSU fans that even attended. Penn State EASILY had the worst tournament representation.
We stayed through Saturday’s games and then sold our Sunday seats to an Illini fan who paid full Sunday face, which is alot more than the early rounds pricie.
If your team falters and does not advance you find yourself rooting for the teams that have the bigger following because those are the teams that will drive the price of your tickets up.
It was a fan friendly enviornment. Liked the downtown, and parking was not an issue (probably would have been more problamatic as your team goes deeper into the tourney.

PSU is always the worst fan representation unfortunately. Even in 2001 for the Friday PM MSU upset that got us into the tourney, there were just a handful of PSU fans. Of course, the bandwagon got full for the trip to New Orleans the following week. 8)

Outside of players families, athletic dept personnel, and locals, there was very little PSU representation in New Orleans. A week later in Atlanta for the Sweet 16 was a totally different story.

You’re right John, I was off a week.

I’ve attended the past three years. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year, actually edging ahead of the opening days of the NCAA tournament. I used to live in Indy and those few days were just so much fun. A lot of friends. A lot of big bar tabs. And a lot of good basketball.

Having said that, it also left a really sour taste in my mouth toward the folks from Penn State who handle the seating. The first year we went, we ordered our tickets pretty late (like mid-February) and ended up 10 rows up behind one of the baskets. Amazing seats. Buuutttt, we also heard then from other Big Ten fans that many of them took advantage of our lack of basketball fanbase by ordering from Penn State each year. This meant we were surrounded by fans from other teams, rather than Penn State fans.

A year later (the NIT title year), I ordered my tickets first thing when I received the order form and informed the foks there the scheme being played by folks buying tickets from other schools. I was pretty kind, but said pretty clearly that I had an NLC number and I was truly a Penn State basketball fan living in Indy. Therefore, I hoped I’d be a touch closer with the actual people who were Penn State basketball fans. Well, I received my tickets and I was actually higher up than I was the previous year. Meanwhile, a friend of mine ordered four tickets from Penn State (having heard be complain about the strategy of other Big Ten fans). He ordered his tickets three weeks in advance of the tournament…I’d ordered well over three months in advance. Yep. You guessed it. He had seats that were FAR better than mine even though I had an NLC account. I was none too pleased. I met John Nitardi himself at the tournament and he actually gave me his two tickets to use for Penn State’s game against Purdue in the quarters as well as the rest of the tourney.

Lsat year, however, after sending another note and even calling to explain the situation, I experienced a similar situation. I had pretty good seats. Club level, even with the free throw line. But, of course, my friend swindled the system again and wound up front row of Conseco’s Club leve. The lesson…Penn State’s ticket folk flat didn’t care as long as someone bought the tickets. I’ve posted this before and I know it just sounds like complaining, but I’m just offering that as a warning before you buy tickets from Penn State. You’ll in all likelihood be surrounded by as many or more fans of other Big Ten fans. Two years ago in the opener against IU, I was told repeatedly to “sit down and shut up” during our Thursday rout of the Hoosiers by IU fans who were sitting in designated “Penn State” seats. That wasn’t much fun.

Aside from that, I can honestly say that the Big Ten tournament might be my favorite sporting event. I plan on being there this year, though I’m doubtful that I buy tickets from the Penn State ticket office. Rather, I’ll probably just scalp tickets. As long as Indiana isn’t amazing, there are plenty of affordable good seats available on the street.

I can offer plenty of other thoughts/advice on the tourney if you have more specific questions.

Thanks for all of your good advice. I’ll be waiting until I get there to buy tickets for sure now. Maybe I’ll get to pregame with you.