Growing Pains


Waking up today I just felt like today wasn’t going to be as easy as it seemed. Penn State always has issues early on away from home, the team is young, and hasn’t found itself yet. I was at an exam so I only saw the last 7mins and was sure I’d see the comeback. I’m not usually one to place blame but the stats dont really lie. You can’t have Babb going 2-12 ,Jones going 1-8 and Fraizer going 1-8 and expect to win. For the most part the rest of the team made their shots:

DJ-4/5 12 points
Brooks-4/6 9 points
Talor…he had 29 points but he was 8/23 so he could have way more

From the line–22/27 so you really can’t complain

So are there any positives? Well…chances are you pick up atleast 1-2 more wins. But the biggest positive comes from the students. Half of us are leaving today, the other half wont be paying attention until Big Ten season. With a few games and break inbetween today and the next time the students are here the fan fallout might not be as bad as it would be if they lost last week. You’ve got to bare with me, I want everything ok, but things just looked bad today. That being said, I still believe, and we have a lot of games left to play. Either way we need to grow up as a team, it could be painful if we aren’t playing smarter

I suggest we impose a 24 hour rule. The team has to get over a loss, we should try and do the same. Thats my need of a positive at work…


Growing pains or not, we should not be losing to teams of this low a caliber. I realize there is a lot of ball still to play and I’m moving on and looking to tomorrow, but there is just no excuse for this loss. None.


Thats very true. Not trying to make excuses, just understand…(bangs head on wall)


Guys relax. We are still playing without two guys we were counting on this year. We have to get Oliver & Edwards back. We started last year out the same way and that didn’t turn out too horribly.



Last year Temple loses 3 of first 6, including loss by 16 to Miami of Ohio; BC loses at home to Harvard after upset against UNC; Maryland loses at home to Morgan State; Washington loses opener to Portland; Utah loses opener at home to Division 2 SW Baptist and then loses at Idaho State.

Every year, some team has a “bad” loss.

Now, if the team loses to Tulane; well, thats a whole other story. :-\