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Great piece of poetry from the Illini board


And I quote:

"One is tempted at times to be jealous

Of the coaching finesse of DeChellis.

He has beaten us down

Both away and in town.

We can get revenge if we are zealous."


I once knew a girl from Nantucket…Ah never mind! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it! :smiley:


There’s something that didn’t carry over from the “old” board… The pre-game haiku’s

Wasn’t it NittanyIllini that started that whole deal, anyway??? What’s up with Illinois and Haiku’s anyway… Must be too much corn ;D


Not to get all Lar on you but… :wink:

That’s a limerick, not a haiku.


I just read this hilarious poem over on Illini’s scout site, too, and then thought of the haikus, jumped here to post about it and it’s already done.

Yes, maybe the haikus can jump start the Big Ten season. I’m superstitious.

Injuns are fuming
The last bucket is Battle’s
Ed’s got their number


I agree, the haikus need to come back. My contribution:

Wouldn’t it be great -
Beating Injuns 4 times straight?
And all at their place!


That limerick at the top is hilarious. I can only take credit for the “Positive Vibes” threads, but I love haikus.

That same burning smell
The toast we made in Champaign
3-8 to 3-3

Or maybe…

Wife will be angry
If Nittany’s shock again
Prepare the guest room


[quote=“NittanyIllini, post:8, topic:632”]That limerick at the top is hilarious. I can only take credit for the “Positive Vibes” threads, but I love haikus.

That same burning smell
The toast we made in Champaign
3-8 to 3-3

Or maybe…

Wife will be angry
If Nittany’s shock again
Prepare the guest room

that is hilarious :smiley:


It’s almost become an ongoing joke between my wife and I. She is almost assuming that I will end up sleeping there tonight. In fact, I think it will surprise her if the Illini actually win the game even though PSU hasn’t gotten it done this season.

Regardless, we still watch the games together as we always have. Then go our separate ways afterwards, without a word to each other. OK, usually one snide remark allowed. Though after the 38-33 affair, it was hard to say anything since there were no words to describe that one. I think as I left the room I said something to the effect that “I’ll see you for the second half.” :slight_smile:

More stuff from the Illini boards…

Funny one from the Scout board…first post of the thread…
Love the pics of JoePa and this ditty from the Wisconsin game.

Talor Battle had 15 on pretty crappy shooting, and he also gave the rock away five times. Forward David Jackson had 13 points and five boards. The remaining Nittany Lions spent the game at the Penn state Creamery, eating ice cream with their fat, little girlfriends.

Another synopsis from the board. This guy has a little more bright outlook of PSU than most. But it’s interesting to go outside our little bubble to see what others are thinking.

Taylor Battle Jr.- Quick athlete who can hurt you with the dribble. He can shoot alright but knows he is best going to the basket.

D. Jackson Sr.- Had an up and down year last season. Lead the team in scoring at one point in 08-09. This kid can be a threat with his size at the sf spot.

Chris Babb So.- Decent athlete and his m.o. is his outside touch. Made a couple 3’s at the Hall last year. Another big guard.

Jeff Brookes Jr.- 6’7 sf/pf who can get in your face. Good motor on this kid and it gets him a lot of easy looks. Can hit jumpers.

Andrew Jones Sr.- 6’9 but plays bigger. We’ve had a problem with this kids the last couple of years. Jones can finish with contact and will be physical on D.


Cameron Woodyard So.- Haven’t seen him play much this year but was huge in the win at the Hall last year. 6’5 sf/sg.

Andrew Ott rs Jr?- Villanova transfer who was another player that had a good game vs. us last year. 6’11 and really muscled up on Tisdale last year. Has taken a back seat to a freshman for most of this year.

Billy Edwards fr.- 6’6 guard who is a great pick up for Dechillis. Haven’t noticed him much in any of the games I’ve seen but he shows up in PSU’s boxscores a lot. Supposed to be a good athlete.

Tim Frazier Fr.- Super quick/athletic pg and Klee mentioned how impressed the coaches were with him in the pre season. He might be the fastest guy in the league from the games I’ve seen him. He isn’t very big and the physicality could slow him as the season progresses.

Sasha Borovnjak fr.- 6’9 center who has taken a lot of Ott’s minutes or what I thought would be his minutes. Haven’t really seen him.

Billy Oliver- 6’8 big who rounds out the class. Played early but hasn’t been lately. Still someone to think about.

Dechellis has a solid team that has played below expectations this season IMO. I thought with proven Big 10 guys in Battle and Jones they would be fine with experienced players like Brookes along with Jackson back. Woodyard, Babb, and Ott also looked solid last year plus they brought in some good freshman. PSU as far as I know now has successfully went into Texas and brought home a good player with a lot of upside in back to back years in Babb(shooter) and Frazier(speedster). I haven’t checked lately but I know they have another Albany, NY kid(top100, 6ft) who is probably a spitting image of Albany’s hometown hero Taylor Battle. I thought Cornley would be replaced by JOnes letting Ott start at center but that didn’t happen. I expected Babb, Jackson, Woodyard, Brookes, and the freshman to be able to replace Pringle. I didn’t think anyone would need to replace Morrissey because he just wasn’t very good IMO.

They’ll try to run and we need to get back on D. We’ll probably see Bill Cole guarding another smaller player. Let’s not get caught trying to guard to far out because Battle and Frazier can get to the hoop as quick as anyone. If Andrew JOnes is scoring this team can compete on any night. He has been a big disappointment IMO but I don’t fully know their team dynamics. I thought he’d have a dominating senior year.

And finally a little Talor Battle discussion on the Illinihq site. Man, Illinois has more hoops board sites than you can swing a dead cat at.