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I was just at the site. I’m disappointed. I wanted to see recent soccer results. Other scores , if any, also. They, in the past in the bottom left, had a listing of recent scores and upcoming games. That appears to be gone. Am I missing something?
I know I can access scores by going to the indivual sport site BUT I liked the other way better!!
It was fast and easy!!
What’s the record for “most ads” on a school sport homepage???

I still see a ticker when I go to the site.

Thanks, Tom. I checked again! I see a new different event ticker at the VERY bottom of the page. This is not nearly as user freindly as the prior one…BUT…it takes up a lot less space.
Maybe now they can win the national “Most Ads” competition!! :wink:
Heck, you might even get Director’s Cup points! :o