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Good read on the topic of paying college athletes

He makes a lot of great points, but I still don’t entirely agree with him on several others. A good discussion piece however. :slight_smile:

Poz is, like, awesome! :wink: I can’t wait for his book on Paterno to come out. As a lif-long Royals and Chiefs fan, I’ve been reading his stuff from the KC star for years. He’s as good as it gets. I think sometime he’s going to figure out that sometimes his best insights are out of the sports world, and do something out of the park, and everyone’s going to go “where’s he been?” He’s so much more insightful than the world of sports will allow him to be.

BTW. He does make some excellent points. I wonder if he and JoePa have discussed this topic. I bet they’re pretty close in their views.