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I’m guessing he might just be a one and done


We have lots of tall guys who have acted like they were not 7’2 in the past. Big deal. :wink:


Check out prediction #23!


If you’re predicting that Penn State will have its worst team since ED’s second year (2005, Claxton’s freshman year, KenPom 216!), it only follows that the job would be open.


Nice idea for UMBC’s season ticket sales. Allowing you to donate them at the time of purchase.


Another waiver


Gonna watch a bit of:

Michigan State-Kansas

And probably the other Big 10 games


I’m watching some Nova and seeing what could have been with Cremo


Duke beat Kentucky 118-84.


Duke in transition looks utterly terrifying. Zion is just so physical and strong.


That’s why they worked with Nike to make sure he decided to get paid be a student-athlete at their fine institution. :wink:


Been watching Ohio State-Cincinnati, well contested game so far. Cincinnati really struggling on offense, and really it’s been as simple as poor decision making. Ton of pick and roll for Cincy, but the guards for Cincy have been making a lot of bad or delayed decisions. OSU helping a ton off the baseline and Cincy guards are not getting the ball to the corner/wing.


Such a difference in intensity from the WVU exhibition, in my opinion. Cincinnati playing like I was expecting WVU to last week.


This has been a game where neither team has impressed me all that much. Cincinnati is a much more experienced team (eye test from just reviewing rosters and Torvik) and they look completely out of sorts. Ohio State has just been a little bit cleaner and sharper so far in this rock fight, not as many self inflicted wounds.


Turned into a game in Cincy



This was a weird game. Referees were really struggling with all the hand checking and physicality from both sides. Cincinnati hit some very difficult shots to get back into it, but Ohio State came up big pretty much every time they could’ve been on the ropes. Luther Muhammad looked really good in his first game, but I’m sure Holtmann is going to be stressing to him that the open 3 he took with 20 seconds left on the shot clock in the last 5 minutes is not the look they should be going for.

All in all, I was impressed with Ohio State considering how many young guards they have. They really stepped up in a tough environment, and against a tough defense. They did look exploitable in some ways, freshmen messed up some plays that should have been there, but they are going to be in the mix for the dance. Depth behind Kaleb Wesson may be a problem though.


Bulletin board material for Lamar as he’s snubbed on a list he definitely belongs on imo.



PSU recruited him hard, right?