Game Day!


Psyched. We only get 18 of these a year!

I have mentioned this before, but a couple of quotes today bear highlighting.

For many years I have been fascinated by group perception and behavior. I’m not sure what order this came in in our evolutionary history, but the “us vs. them” behaviors of families, neighborhoods, religious groups, villages, cities and countries are LOL funny a lot of the time.

With the glaring and obvious exception of the Big 10 and ESPN bias against Penn State (or the ESPN bias against the Big 10), so many of these perceptions and claims are laughable. I want to build forum software that has a rating system for each post that allows viewers to tag posts as an:

Apostasy: This is when someone says something, anything, at all negative about your team. Never mind if the statement is objectively true, or even better, if it would be judged a neutral and harmless statement of fact if it were said about anybody else.

Conspiracy: This is when a player or fan takes “the world is against us” mentality, and, ideally, cites specific examples. For example, “they said we couldn’t do it” is not as good as “ESPN hates Penn State.”

Here are two examples of Conspiracy alerts:

[url=][u]The Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley[/u][/url]:

“All of them lay down. No one wants to see Pittsburgh in it. That’s just how it is. Everybody knows we’re a dangerous team once we get into the playoffs, no matter how we played the whole year.

“Cincinnati is probably going to go into New York and lay down for the Jets and not play them hard just because they’re not going to want to see Pittsburgh in it.”

[url=][u]And this one from the McAndrew Board:[/u][/url]

Rather than focus on PSU and Clark coming back to win a game that they absolutely dominated, they print this drivel:

And LSU had one final chance after Wagner’s game-winner. The junior kicker said it was the first time he had ever hit four field goals in a game.

The Tigers got to midfield but right guard Lyle Hitt was whistled for a disputed personal foul penalty that pushed them back to their own 40. Quarterback Jordan Jefferson hit Rueben Randle for a 25-yard gain on the game’s last play to the Penn State 35 but Randle fumbled as time expired.

LSU was still fuming after the game.

“So the opportunity to go down there and have a chance at a field goal late in the game certainly would have been what we planned,” Miles said. “It didn’t work out that way.”

And this is the syndicated article used nationally by every publication I saw, so I assume it is the one used most frequently by publications not writing their own articles (i.e., any publication outside of Pennsylvania or Louisiana). This is the article that ran in the NY Times, NY Post, the NY Daily News, Connecticut Post, etc… What a bunch of crap that LSU’s OL did not commit a penalty - just a complete bunch of crap. What he did is called as a late-hit personal foul 10 out of 10 times (the LSU OL who dragged the player is not the one who got flagged - the LSU OL who got flagged is the one who grabbed Bowman by the Jersey, swung him 180 degrees around and literally threw him to the ground. He did this because Bowman had ripped the ball out of the LSU carriers hands and was standing there with the ball, but the whistles had sounded like 5 seconds earlier and the play was clearly dead. Bowman was not the player being dragged - he was on two feet until the LSU player grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground!). Why on earth a summary article would even focus on such a thing is rather mysterious given that it was a CLEAR PENALTY and not a QUESTIONABLE CALL in any form. Meanwhile, not a single mention of the fact that LSU should have NEVER EVEN GOTTEN THE BALL WITH A CHANCE TO WIN given that their NG hit our center helmet-to-helmet before the ball was snapped and while the ball was sitting on the ground (for the SECOND TIME IN THE GAME NO LESS) on PSU’s previous series. A penalty was called on PSU on the play despite the fact that LSU actually AND CLEARLY committed a 15 yard personal foul auto first down (you are not permitted to hit a Center when they are vulnerable like this - it is a major penalty as a “dangerous play”. They did not call the major penalty the first time the LSU NG did it either which was more BS and only encouraged him to keep doing it. They called a simple 5 yard OS penalty the first time.). Let’s see, they also made no mention of the fact that the Officials ALLOWED LSU’s returner to SIMULATE a Fair Catch Signal and run with the ball after PSU’s defenders had backed off to allow him to catch the ball !! Not only should the play have been called back, but it is a penalty for running with a ball after a Fair Catch Signal (Delay of Game if I remember correctly). In any event, the play led directly to LSU’s second TD. Somehow, the article manages to focus attention on one penalty that wasn’t “questionable” in any fashion, ignores the slew of highly questionable calls in LSU’s favor and puts a negative slant on PSU’s win rather than giving them credit for coming back when they had to. What a complete hatchet job of an article - see link below:

Link: Click for link to story here

And then there’s this thread in the Lion’s Den: Why ESPN Hates the Big 10

Enjoy! And Defend the Faith!