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GAME DAY @ Purdue 2020, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11 (BTN)

Tough place to win. Penn State last won there in 2006, Geary Claxton’s sophomore year.

Purdue shooting 42% from 3 in Mackey, ESPN said during Saturday’s game at IU.

Boilermakers are 14-10, 7-6 in the Big 10, but analytics love them. 38th in KenPom adjusted offense, 12th in adjusted defense.

KenPom: Purdue ranked 13 (one ahead of Penn State), predicts a 68-64 Purdue victory (63% confidence)

T-Rank: Purdue ranked 11 (one behind Penn State), predicts 67-64 Purdue victory (64% confidence)

ESPN BPI: Purdue ranked 13 (two ahead of Penn State), predicts a Purdue victory (71.1% confidence)

Motion offense with a lot of cutting and ball screens.


Purdue has a 9 game win streak against PSU. Time to snap it!


Have to get over ball screens and not let Stefanovic get good looks. He’s got a lightning quick release.

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Did the team fly to Purdue a day early?

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Conference 3 pt shooting


Rk               Player  G 3P 3PA  3P%
1        Jamari Wheeler 12  5  11 .455
2          Myreon Jones 11 25  63 .397
3            Seth Lundy 12 11  30 .367
4         Lamar Stevens 12 11  32 .344
5      Curtis Jones Jr. 12 16  47 .340
6           Myles Dread 12 17  61 .279
7    Izaiah Brockington 12  4  16 .250
8          Mike Watkins 12  0   2 .000
9        Trent Buttrick  6  0   1 .000

Team: .338 (6th)


Rk             Player  G 3P 3PA  3P%
1          Tommy Luce  4  2   3 .667
2      Evan Boudreaux 12 10  25 .400
3      Jahaad Proctor 13 12  31 .387
4     Eric Hunter Jr. 13 20  52 .385
5     Isaiah Thompson 13 14  38 .368
6    Sasha Stefanovic 13 26  77 .338
7    Trevion Williams 13  1   3 .333
8         Matt Haarms 13  4  12 .333
9       Aaron Wheeler 13  7  39 .179
10      Nojel Eastern 13  0        0
11   Emmanuel Dowuona  4  0        0

Team: .343 (4th)

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I know Purdue is playing really well right now, but I actually think we match up quite well with them compared to years past. They don’t hold a massive advantage in the post like they did when they had Haas or Hammons and they don’t have an elite scorer like they normally do like Carson Edwards. We will still need our A game to win this, but it feels different knowing that they don’t have that big of an advantage in those areas.


Penn State 3P% in the Bryce Jordan Center
3P %Shooting .311
3P% Defense .320

Penn State 3P% AWAY from the Bryce Jordan Center
3P% Shooting .344
3P% Defense .338

Purdue 3P% in Mackey
3P% Shooting .414
3P% Defense .280

Purdue 3P% AWAY from Mackey
3P% Shooting .286
3P% Defense .292

3P% 3P%
Purdue in Mackey .414 .280
Penn State out of the BJC .344 .338

Ok these stats tell me Dread needs to take less three point shots. If you’re going to be #2 on the team in attempts (and 2 attempts behind #1) and you come off the bench shooting at a 27.9% clip, it’s time to get someone else some looks. Believe it or not that’s worse than Jeff Brooks territory.

Disagreed. Those numbers included his slump, which he seems to be getting out of now. Past few games numbers have been better and they should improve from here on out. Keep shooting, Myles!

Dread was in the HS 3 pt comp. He CAN shoot, he was just in a slump. He needs to keep shooting. It happened to Bubby too and MJ just last year. He will be fine


10-27 in his last four games. That’s 2.5 makes per game at 37%, which was basically his freshman level production. Please keep shooting, Myles!


No Hammons or Haas, but they still have the 10’ tall Euro, Haarms - though must skinnier and less physical, he is still a billion feet tall


Beat me to it

During the three-game stretch, Myles went Oh-fer.

Since Ohio State (last six games):

Myles Dread 3P 3PA 3P%
Minnesota 2 5 0.400
Michigan State 2 7 0.286
Nebraska 4 10 0.400
Indiana 2 5 0.400
Michigan 1 4 0.250
Ohio State 1 1 1.000
12 32 0.375

Gotta guard that, and that’s as important as making them.

Fire away, Myles.


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Nobody ever gets a fair shake at Mackey so just assume the refs are going to screw us out of about 8-10 points. Just means we gotta be 10-12 points better than them. Which we can do.

Similar to roadies at Breslin and Crisler, this is not a game I expect us to win, but definitely one we’re capable of winning this year. Should be fun I hope.

Commentary there is pretty good so far. Although I don’t like we’ve lost to the Boilermakers 9 times in a row I respect their fans for the most part. They’re basketball team is very similar to PSU football as our basketball team is to their football team. PSU will only get a win every once and a while against Purdue in basketball and the same goes for Purdue in football against our team. It’s life and it seems both fanbases can live with it lol.

It’s not like Minnesota where we should be beating them every year lol.

“Illness” makes it sound more serious then hopefully it is.

HIPAA is still a thing