FYI: NGAMEDAY on Wisky Tickets


I just looked at the tickets for the game today and recognized one of the men pictured on today’s ticket. Just giving the man some props.


haha sweet. I knew that I was on one of them but I hadn’t seen which one. My general “look” has changed a little this season and I cut my hair, but for the most part I still look like…I’ll be there today…just in street clothes.haha

While we’re on this note, there is going to be a student section at the game thursday. A small one. But if you’re a student out there and want to come be a part of it let me know.


small Nittany Nation = Nittany Colony? ???


Nittany Neighborhood :slight_smile:


Anybody have a picture by chance? This event made my mother rather


Check your PM’s