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In all seriousness, I would stand behind this 100% ALL OF THE WAY.


where does that really get us? likely his son succeeding him in 2 years.


I love the General. I think it would bring buzz to the program and he’d improve recruiting.

I think the whole succession thing is over blown. Penn State has never shown an inkling of a succession plan with any other sport. Why would they start with basketball?


Anyone else remember him ripping PSU when we joined the Big 10 cause of flying into Happy Valley? He HATED it. With our travel woes last year, commercial flying for recruiting and being bumped to the IM building for practices I find this thought pretty funny.


I am interested to get the ball rolling and to start hearing some names of legitimate candidates(not that Knight is completely out of the question, though I think he is.)

Things are going to be interesting for sure.


[quote=“mhenry41, post:1, topic:2412”]

In all seriousness, I would stand behind this 100% ALL OF THE WAY.[/quote]

Me too. The AD just has to say no upfront to a succession to his son. Does Knight have the fire left?


Vitale and Knight are both caricature entertainers. The more they mention each others name the more $$$$s it adds to their contract values.
Entertainment Tonight meet PSU hoops…I don’t think so :wink:


Would Phil Jackson take the job? His daughter is a PSU alumn! He doesn’t need $$$.