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Four games in four days


For those of us who are worried about playing four games in four day, UCONN won five games in five days. It can be done.


I’ve been a Nittany Lion HOOPS fan for A REALLY LONG TIME, and I’ve never seen a Penn State team play 4 games in 4 days…I’m really enjoying watching the guys play this much. ;D

I didn’t have time to research it, but I doubt that there’s ever been a time in Penn State’s history where they’ve played 4 in 4 days.


I’ve been really excited to watch us play these last 3 days, and today is the 4th. I’m really nervous/excited about the game today. I really want to stick it to Ohio State for blowing us out on Senior Night.


I imagine our seniors really want to beat OSU for the same reason.