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Films of Brandon Taylor high school games available on the Internet


I’ve recently come across a website that has films of complete boys’ high school basketball games available free and on demand. From what I can see, most of the game films archived on this site were played in New York City and in northern New Jersey. There are three of this season’s Trenton Catholic Academy games archived on the website: vs St. Anthony, vs. St. Patrick, and vs. Hotchkiss. Hotchkiss was a bad loss for TCA. (I saw TCA vs. St. Anthony and TCA vs. Hotchkiss in person.)

I have no idea who is behind the website with the TCA games, but there is some advertising on the site. Because that site is commercial, I won’t post the address here, lest I fun afoul of’s rules. To find the site, please go to my free, totally non-commercial website at and click on the “links” menu. The link that you want is the first one listed, titled “Another Site with Free Games Films…” Click on that, and, when you get to the site, just type “Trenton Catholic Academy” in the search box in the upper center portion of the page, and that will take you to the menu of the three games. Brandon is easy to identify: he’s the big guy with the dreadlocks.


Is this the stuff you’re talking about?,3136.0.html


Yep, that’s it. The site that I am referencing has the Hotchkiss game, too. They may be using youtube as a vehicle for posting, but I’m not at all Internet savvy.


Thanks, I just watched the CD - Greencastle game. Very enjoyable. Thomas should have a good college career. He is very fast and has great hops. Will need to work on his right hand and reducing turnovers at WF.