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What is to feel good about? No guaranteed 1st Round $ and the Bobcats (YUK!).


The only thing I feel good about is that people don’t think he’s that good, so there’s no chance of him going pro.


The kid is great! I feel good for him that he is being mentioned in draft status as a junior. Kudos to Talor!


I mean, really? You see nothing wrong with typing what you just wrote?


I hope you know I was kidding with my first post. But I really would rather him go anyplace else than Charlotte, that’s like the NBA’s version of the Raiders (and I am a Raiders fan).


Maybe he’ll become a Sonic.


Yeah, I bet he will be a SUPERSonic.

P.S. Who was the "Sonic Boomer?


Or a Bullet. Or maybe a Syracuse National :slight_smile:


That list is so stupid it’s incomprehensible. Corey Fisher in the first round? The other day in tight game vs. Marquette, he sat the last 5 minutes. Jay Wright didn’t want him in. NFW he is a first rounder. If Kemba Walker is picked in 1st round the GM should be fired. “He needs to be more consistent on his shot”? That’s like saying Ryan Howard needs to work on striking out less. Walker is the worst shooting guard I may have even seen. Fabulous in transition, but that’s it. He’s no Battle. Where is Walker’s teammate on this list, Jerome Dyson? He’s fabulous? Did I miss him?

Interestingly, I see Epke Udoh on the list, late first round. Played a year for Beilein at Michigan. Not sure why he left.


Walter’s football mocks are awful (his so-called area of expertise) so this is just asinine, page-filling content.

Completely worthless.

[quote="State4Life, post:7, topic:610"]Maybe he'll become a Sonic.[/quote] Yeah, I bet he will be a SUPERSonic.

P.S. Who was the "Sonic Boomer?

No one may be “in the mood” but Bob Rule was the “Sonic Boomer.” The first SuperSonic star.


Apparently Talor is really bulking up for the NBA:

Talor Battle, Penn State Height: 5-11. [b]Weight: 245[/b]. Year: Jr. Projected Selection: second round. '08-'09: 16.7 ppg, 5.0 apg, 5.3 rpg, 40.2 FG%, 70.0 FT%, 33.9 3-PT%