FC: Nittany Nation ranks 12th


Here is a facebook update from Penn State Basketball a little bit ago:

" A link from Feb 2 about top student sections; Nittany Nation ranked 12th! Before the Big Ten run, before 7000 vs Illinois, before the NIT buses! Ranked higher than Wisconsin, Indiana, Wake Forest, Florida and Purdue!"



OK, we’re not really 12th, but it is nice to get a mention. Most college basketball fans who attend “basketball schools” will laugh at the selection. Heck, if I were just “Illini” and not “NittanyIllini” I might do the same.

But I have to ask those “basketball school” fans, if their team were to go into the dumps for five seasons or so, would they be as supportive. My guess is no. To be mentioned alongside the Duke’s, UNC’s, MSU’s, Kansas’ and Illinois’ fan bases in an article as such is a great testament to the the true fans that make up the Nittany Nation. Anyone can jump on a bandwagon at Duke and the like, but it takes a true fan to become part of a group of fans from a fledgling program and make somewhat of a splash on the national scene.

Big time kudos to the Nittany Nation.


Yeah, I didn’t actually read the link until after I posted it. However, to even be recognized is a step forward.


Some serious Nation Bashing in the comments section there. Prove them wrong Nation. Show the world the awesomeness of the PSU student body. I’d take that as a challenge.


Sheesh, no kidding! And most of the angry comments come from supposed PSU fans! :-[

Should be good bulletin board material, though - if there is such a thing for fans :wink: