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FBI college basketball investigation (generally)

DJ Newbill listed, but the timing might be post-PSU

Now we know why Tom Izzo has been crying so much lately.

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I think we’re OK here. Thamel mentioned everyone who was an undergrad at the time and specifically did NOT say DJ Newbill.

Plus it’s $2k. Who cares.

Also, looks like his current agent is Stephen Pena of…ASM sports. Probably just a loan to get him to Europe

I wonder if loans are really a problem. If they are “loans” with no expectation that they be paid back, that’s one thing. However, if they are legit borrowings that they players are on the hook for - as they would be if they went to a bank - I’m wondering what benefit the players are getting that is different from what anyone else could get.

The key, to me, is whether there was documentation and if there was a legitimate expectation that the players repay the loans (and that they did so). If not, it’s not a loan; it’s a gift. That, then (to me), would be an impermissible benefit.

And there are notes in there regarding when the loans will be paid back, including Newbill’s

Pretty sure that is a big no-no, for an agent to give a loan to a potential client is an impermissible benefit in the eyes of the NCAA. DJ Newbill is given the benefit in order to secure his commitment down the road.

Again, Thamel didn’t mention DJ in his report as being a PSU player when he took the loan. That was a 2015 report and could have 100% been given to him after he was either 1) done playing or 2) graduated. Think it’s very noteworthy Thamel didn’t mention him. So let’s not drag DJ for no reason.

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Is this supposed to be the big earth-shattering reveal that they’ve been hyping up for months now? The one that’s going to change the shape of college basketball or whatever they were claiming awhile back?

Or is that one yet to come? Because I’ve gotta say, nothing here is all that crazy sounding to me. Not that there isn’t a bit of scandal here I guess, just not the level of conspiracy/corruption I was expecting.

We aren’t dragging DJ. It’s also important to note that this is a 2015 annual report, who knows if anything was done prior to 2015. Thamel also may not have mentioned DJ because he could not corroborate the timeline, who knows.

This information is being released as info obtained during discovery where the prosecution is getting documents from the criminal defendants. This is pretty likely not the end.

I also don’t think this is nothing either. A number of players should have been ruled ineligible by NCAA standards, and they include premier players at some of the blue bloods in college basketball. That’s hardly “nothing,” maybe it’s not what you want, but this investigation is going to change the game significantly.

It may not be taking down coaches necessarily (at least at this point), but it’s certainly going to have a huge effect on recruiting.

It’s “something”, for sure. Just not as big of something as I expected. But if this is just one piece of info coming out during discovery then I suppose that makes sense, and there is probably more to come.

In an earlier article, I think by Forde or Thamel last week or so, the writer with knowledge suggested it could possibly be a slow leak of information. I may be wrong, and I haven’t followed it daily, but I thought somewhere along the way there was an attempt to suppress information from leaking out, by either side. Not sure how that worked out.

Considering Yahoo is getting all of their information from the prosecution, when they say they’ll get a slow leak of information, then that is what they’ve been told.

I just hope this doesn’t impact the players in all honesty. The crime in this from an NCAA perspective is the NCAA continuing to self-flagellate at the slightest hint of amateurism being uprooted.

Ha, not sure I agree with all of this but thought it was an interesting reaction

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Edit add: I almost typed this shelf when posting the above.

This maps to my feelings:

I do think players should be paid but that what really should happen is that universities should get out of the pro sports business altogether.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with an acquaintance who loved Lance Armstrong and rationalized his drug use by saying that it was required in order for him to compete. My reaction was that if you needed to cheat to be able to compete, the moral response is to get out of the competition.

Just had a conversation with a friend who suggested a good compromise might be to give amnesty to anyone who received less money than the current (legal) stipend. I agree, but I’m not sure that isn’t just another fig leaf for all of us to continue to root for the students donning our school’s colors.

Ironclad guaranteed contract?

Might as well make Miller show up to every game for the remainder of his contract to be publicly shamed.