Fantasy Football


Hey guys, with the season starting tonight I guess its a given that I won’t be setting up a league for us this season. With the migration from one board to the next to the next, I am guessing we may have lost a few people who may have not been paying as much attention to the board in the offseason because I am pretty sure we came up a few people short. Which to be honest is OK with me. I just don’t have the motivation or the time to put into playing this year and I’m actually sitting this one out completely, which is a pretty big deal with me. Hopefully things will be settled down next season and maybe we can do it next year.

Sorry if I let anyone down!


Understandable hewey…

If anyone still wants to do it, a week late obviously, I would be willing to set up a league…If that’s the case, state your intentions below, and I’ll set one up if we get 12 teams.


I’d be down for that.


Ugh, just when I thought I was out they pull me back in. Listen if there is going to be a free league around here then I’ll do it IF I can make the draft. That’s a big if. I’m on my own with my 10 month old son for the next 4 weekends as my wife is working so the draft would either have to be 8PM or later on a weekend, or during the week preferably also after 8.


I am still in to defend the championship.

There are still plenty of weeks to play even if the schedule is shortened. Last year we only needed 14 weeks to complete the season.


I’d be interested…


Hey everyone. long time no talk…

If I can swing it, I’ll be in. Let me know. Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday after 9:00 might work best for me. Obviously, we’ll start with Week 2.