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Fantasy Football 2011

Hi guys. I know it may be a tad early but I figured I’d get he ball rolling on this thing to see if we are all up for it again this year. I’d be happy to set up a league over at CBS sports :wink: if that is OK with everyone else. For those who are interested please send me a PM with your email address so I can have an invite sent out. I’d like to give priority to those who were in the league last year and in past years. Due to my advancing years and the amount of time I spend with my 2 year old doing 2 year old things, my memory ain’t what it used to be so forgive me if this list is wrong but in taking a quick look at last year’s thread I came up with:

nittani illini
millionaire magic
man behind the mask

That’s only 11. Was the 12th eric17 or ronb89?

As always, if you aren’t going to commit to actually finishing out the season no matter how crappy your team is please leave the spot open for someone who will. Thanks.

I’m in.

I’m in.

I want in!

It was not me. I only play one league, so I can keep the same rooting interests. Good luck, guys.

I’m seriously not trying to be a jerk, but did I really win it all last season?? I checked the yahoo page and it appears I did, but I thought that was two years ago?

Either way, I’m definitely in! Love this league. Thanks for organizing it again, Hewey!

–and also, if you need any help or relief in organizing/running the league I’d be happy to help. As long as we don’t have to rely on my memory for anything, apparently :-\

I’m in as long as I’ll be available for the draft. Thanks for setting it up again, pmh.

the 12th was me.Did not have a great season so ready to redeem myself this season

So I set up a private league for us. I set up a draft time of sunday 8/21 at 7 PM EST. If that’s an issue I can change it. I only have the email addresses for millionairemagic, beastofeast and rbdietz so they are the only 3 that have been sent invites with the password to join the league. If you want to take part please send me your email address. Thanks.

Im in

Nine days until the draft and only 3 of us have joined the league. Hurry up and join so I can pummel you in fantasy football. 8)

I haven’t gotten any league info yet.

Same here

My email is BMathersPSU (at)

I haven’t received anything yet either…

Hewey, if you didn’t get my PM let me know!

I’m not sure if Paul has looked at this message board for a while.

Put your emails in this thread and I’ll try to send you an invite.

I’ve already sent one to State4Life (Brian Mathers).

Guys, sorry about this. I’ve been dealing with some stuff these last few weeks that have really taken up any free time I would have used to follow up on this league. Also, as of last count I think I only had like 7 people. I sent a PM to MM and if you guys need me and still want me in the league I’m up for it.

Woops, I screwed up and my team name isn’t “State4Life”, rather it’s “Coach Appleman”


This league currently has 4 of the 12 members required to join before the draft date. The league will be disbanded and each team will be put back into the meeting place to find another league to join unless this member requirement is met.

The draft is the 21st (tomorrow). Everyone NEEDS to join this league tonight if we’re going to have FF this year!!! So, stop procrastinating like I was, and get on it! :stuck_out_tongue: I want a league this year…

I will once I get the league info.