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Facebook and the NCAA


NY Times does an article on social networking and the NCAA.

[size=12pt]A Recruit’s Friend, a Team’s Fan and a Headache for Colleges[/size]

Duke noted that when the basketball star John Wall was in high school, its compliance office asked the creator of the John Wall Come to Duke! group on Facebook to cease and desist. The creator changed the name of the group to [i]Wohn Jall Come to a School in Durham[/i], then deleted direct references to Duke.


It’s OK as long as it’s funny !!!


With all the major crap that goes on at these schools that the NCAA turns a blind eye to, the fact this is even a concern shows how hypocritical the NCAA is in enforcing its own rules.


In defense of the NCAA, I don’t know that they turn a blind eye to anything. It’s just that they have no investigatory powers so that without cooperation of some of the parties involved it’s hard to prove anything. With Facebook everything is out in public so it’s easy pickings.